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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Guys..." Aiden and the twins looked at Kol in question when he spoke in alarm, although only seconds later, they felt it as well; the presence of another Original and Vampire. All of them had dismissed it only moments before, but now that Kol had spoken out, it was obvious that whoever it the presence belonged to was a threat to them. But even without another moments’ worth of thought, they all knew who it was.

"What's wrong?" Kotomi opened her eyes to look at Kol as Aiden focused on the new source of energy to make sure it was who he was thinking of. The front door opened before the other Original could respond, and Kevin entered the house, confirming everyone’s worries.

"Klaus and Damon are back. Klaus gave Mason his blood and then Damon snapped Mason's neck."

"What?" Ashley asked in horror as Aiden and the twins quickly stood up, the expressions on their faces matching her own.

"I need some of you to come with me to the Grill while some of you stay with the children, encase Klaus and Damon decide to come here." Kevin said.

"I'll come." Caroline walked over to Kevin.

"Me too." Stefan spoke, Lexi, Isobel and himself then joining the group. Kiseki went as well, despite his brother’s protest, and Aiden started to go along himself, but decided to stay with Kotomi instead. If this turned into something bigger, he wouldn’t want to be separated from her.

“Of all times for something like this time happen…” The ginger muttered as Ichiru walked over to Ashley and wrapped a reassuring arm around her. He knew what Aiden was talking about; they had had eight months of peace for the most part, but the second Diana had finally decided to be happy and move on, something had happened.

“It’s starting to seem like we’re not allowed to be happy…”

Kiseki words from a few months before after they had first returned came back to Ichiru’s mind, and he couldn’t help but agree. Despite the reassurance he gave Ashley, he was worried himself. If Damon had gone so far as to snap Mason’s neck, what would he be willing to do to the rest of them? Or the children?
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