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Default Re: Voice Everything!

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
I think it's just fine to post here. ^^ Actually, I was trying to come up with something new to post and revive it myself, since I'm also in need of practice. So, you beat me to the punch. XD

Definitely not a fail! Sounded pretty good to me. *nods*

Promise to never recklessly endanger themselves again? And that from the guy about to send them around the region, on their own, while a team of villains are on the loose. XD
Woo! I beat you to it, so does that mean I'm awesome-sauce? :D

Haha, thank you

I love the irony of it all xP I also stumbled a little bit originally in the recording (I edited it out of course) because of the amount of times he said "Pokemon" xD

I think I might try to voice part of my Pokemon FanFiction when I get the chance - I have some interesting ideas... xP


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