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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [SU/DS]

Double post, bad, I know *slaps hand*

But I gotta say that I'm so happy with the posts so far. I do apologize for not posting a recent DM post, but I have been working on some ideas at the moment, discussing an idea with another player, and now I am giving Jaye a chance to post another IC post. That also gives me more time to work on the DM post. I do want to say that there will be times I am slow with getting those out, especially when everyone has their character interacting with a NPC. All I ask is that during those slow times you be a little patient, and I'll do my best to make it worth the wait. As I said I'm really happy with how it's starting out (though I would have loved to see come PCs interact with one another, maybe being old acquaintances or meeting one another for the first time) and hope that so far you are having fun and look forward to the story progression.

One last note, I highly suggest you make sure you read my DM posts carefully. Velocity, I noticed you had your character interact with a hat salesmen. I never said that there was a stall with that particular inventory, but I will let it slide for now. In the market there could be any kind of salesperson, but next time please either ask me if there is a certain person or have your character look around (most likely a Perception check) if he's looking for something in particular. And Sam, the sailor your character is not interacting with does not have a Wooper. He is a Wooper Gijinka, aka a humanized Wooper. If I had a picture I could use for reference then I'd post it, but I can't find one that is close enough to the image I have in my head and I cannot draw that well. I can try to describe his appearance the best I can if you'd like either here or in the RP thread itself.
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