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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four/ Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve/ Matt Wilson from District Thirteen
At The Capitol/ Training Center/ Roof/ Lunch Room

“Of course it is.” Kiseki responded to Caroline with a smile of his own, bringing her face to lighten up with joy.

“I want to help, if it’s okay with the two of you.” Michael said after a few moments, Caroline and Jeremy turning their attention back to him. The two then looked at each other in question, the two tributes thinking over the offer.

"It couldn't hurt. The more people we have the better." Caroline said. Jeremy still thought it over however, looking up at Michael. Jeremy knew that Michael was from a Career District which was messing with his judgement, though he thought back from the past few hours and remembered that Michael didn't really interact with the other Career tributes. In fact, remembering from watching the Reapings that Michael didn't seem happy at all to be in the Games.

"Okay." Jeremy said with a nod. "We're all a team then."

Back on the roof Matt watched Ichiru for a few moments, the other tribute's rage becoming noticeable on his face as Matt slightly smirked. He didn't say anything else however as he let Ichiru think about the situation, watching as Ichiru gave a smirk and shook Matt's hand.

“Looks like you have yourself a deal.” Ichiru said.

"Smart choice." Matt smirked back, turning and walking for the door. "And if I find out that you're lying, I'll make Ashley's death even more suffering then what I already planned. And when I win the Games I'll be sure to go after Aria and kill her as well, so you better not be lying." And with that, Matt left the roof.

A few hours had gone by when it was announced for the tributes to go back to their own floors and get ready for lunch, which all of the tributes had to attend together in the dining room. Caroline followed Stefan back up to their room, while Ashley and Jeremy followed their parents to theirs.

"Oh my God! You look filthy!" On the fourth floor the prep team scowled at Caroline, who scowled right back.

"I was in training! Of course I'm dirty!" Caroline shot back.

"Just get in the shower so we can make you pretty again!" Caroline sighed at the prep team, disappearing into the bathroom that was in her room. Once Caroline was finished she didn't even have time to place on a robe as her prep team barged right into the bathroom and pulled her out of the shower, like they were waiting right outside the door or something. Caroline knew that they probably did.

"What about Kiseki? Don't you need to fix him up?" Caroline asked in annoyance, the prep team allowing Caroline to at least wrap herself up in a towel as they rushed her out into the kitchen where everything they needed to fix up Caroline was on the long table.

"You're a girl so you need much more work done." One of the members said.

"Can I at least get dressed so everyone doesn't have to see me in just a towel?"

"No! We don't want strands of hair clinging to your outfit!" Caroline just sighed, hearing Stefan chuckle as she shot him a warning look. After blow-drying and straightening Caroline's silky blonde hair as well as fixing up Caroline's finger and toe nails the team was deciding on what image to present Caroline as, whether she should look harmless and cute, or seductive and sexy.

"Don't I have a say in this?" Caroline asked.

"Nope. We're going with sexy." Caroline groaned at the response, the prep team motioning Caroline back to her room and closed the door where they tore away her towel, her naked body exposed. Normally Caroline would had been flustered, but she was too frustrated to care at this point. The prep team dressed her in a tight purple sleeveless shirt that showed her bellybutton with tight black jeans, letting her at least wear purple Converse sneakers to match her shirt. Caroline stepped out of her room and sat on the couch, waiting for the team to be done with Kiseki now so they could go down to lunch. She was happy that the prep team didn't drown her face in make-up, only putting on a small amount of black eye-liner, some purple lip-gloss and a very light layer of purple eye-shadow. Caroline hated to admit it, but she did look really pretty.

As soon as Ashley and Jeremy reached their floor the prep team swarmed in on Ashley as they did with Caroline, ordering Ashley into the shower and worked on her. They curled Ashley's hair in soft wavy curls and gave Ashley a red dress to wear, the prep team making it so Ashley looked cute, but the color of the dress making her look sexy as well. The dress was low cut and wrapped around really well around Ashley's stomach and back, then draped lightly down to Ashley's knees. The prep team put Ashley in red flats for the cute image and pained her nails red, painting flames on the nails as well.

"So, 'The Girl On Fire', don't you just love your little nickname?" Ashley recalled Matt's words from training, the brunette looking herself in the mirror once the prep team was finished with her and were working on Jeremy. Could Matt actually be right about her image? Were her prep team trying to reflect Ashley like her mother Katniss, but remain herself as well since her hair was in curls and not a side-braid? Ashley realized this must had been their plan as she looked at her dress, the color truly looking as though it was on fire.

"I really am 'The Girl On Fire'" Ashley muttered to herself as she turned and walked away from the mirror, giving Aria a smile who was dressed in a sun-set orange colored sundress, Peeta's favorite color.

"You look really pretty mommy." Aria said with a smile.

"So do you." Ashley smiled back as she placed on the heart-shaped locket around her neck which had a picture of Aria inside. Jeremy came walking into the living room with a simple brown shirt, blue jeans and black Converse sneakers.

"Is everyone ready?" Katniss asked as everyone nodded, the family walking out of the room and to the elevator. Once the family was down in the dining room the first thing they noticed was all of the food displayed, tables and tables filled with endless food.

"Holy crap..." Kenny said as Ashley held Aria's hand. There were a few tributes that glared at Ashley and her family, but they ignored them as Ashley took Aria to where the food was.

"What do you want to eat?" Ashley asked.

"Everything!" Aria laughed as Ashley chuckled.

"I'll start you off with one plate with small portions of different foods. If you're still hungry then we'll get you another plate." Aria nodded at her mother's words, Ashley filling a plate with macaroni and cheese, chicken, a piece of corn bread, a meatball and some potato wedges. Ashley then motioned Aria to an emptied table and sat down with her daughter, an Avox boy walking over with two emptied glasses in his hand. "Two apple juices please." Ashley said kindly with a smile. The Avox nodded, walking away with the glasses.

Once Ashley's family had gotten their food she got up to get her own, not wanting to leave Aria alone with a room full of tributes. Once Ashley got her own food she returned to the table and sat next to her daughter, who had cheese sauce on her face.

"Really?" Ashley laughed as Aria giggled, taking a napkin and wiping her face. Ashley then looked up and saw Caroline and Stefan enter the room, Ashley waving at the two before starting to eat. As Ashley was taking a sip of apple juice she caught Matt's gaze from across the room, her heart skipping a beat once again from Matt's deadly smirk. Ashley and Jeremy had no idea about the deal Matt made with Ichiru, and not even Caroline.

"You okay?" Caroline mouthed from across the room when seeing the look on Ashley's face when the two girls locked eyes. Ashley nodded, bringing the blonde to nod as well as she joined Stefan at an emptied table. Even though Ashley tried not to show it, she was secretly scanning the room constantly for any threats being made that would endanger Aria or Kenny, a knife right beside Ashley being ready for use.

OOC: Here is the pictures of what Caroline and Ashley look like ^-^



Also, very soon we'll be the Arena. Probably in about two or three more posts I'll do a time skip to the night before the Games start, this way we can skip the interview and really get the RP rolling =]
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