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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Kiseki Kagami from District Four/ Michael Knight from District Two/ Ichiru Kagami from District Three/ Caitlyn Walker from District Seven
Lunch Room

"I'm just really worried about Matt." Caroline responded to Kiseki. "I can tell that it's stressing Ashley out." Kiseki followed her gaze back to Ashley. He couldn’t blame her for being stressed out with the situation she was in.

"We can all go over there and sit with them." Stefan said as he looked at the rest of them - even Michael, who was still oddly silent - and gave a smile. "Since we're all allies now then it would make sense for the group to sit together."

"Okay." Caroline responded happily, which brought the smile back to Kiseki’s face as he rose along with them. Kiseki glanced at Michael as he stood as well, concern showing in his expression for a moment.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Michael responded with his usual cheerful smile as he followed them over to where Ashley and her family sat. “I was just wondering about the tributes from One.. Aren’t they usually together?”

Kiseki followed his gaze to Keiru and Amelia. The girl from Seven had joined Keiru at his table, but Amelia still sat alone. He had to admit it was kind of strange.

“You’re right…” He looked back at Michael. “You seem to be focusing on the girl from One a lot… Do you want to go talk to her?”

Michael didn’t respond, and Kiseki was forced to drop the subject as they approached Ashley’s table, where they were greeted by Peeta.

"Could we sit with you guys?" Caroline asked.

"You guys don't even have to ask." Katniss responded with a small chuckle, bringing Caroline to taking a seat next to Jeremy while Stefan sat next to Peeta. Kiseki finally sat next to Caroline instead of across from her for once while Michael sat across from him next to Stefan.

"Hey cutie." The mentor greeted Aria, who let out a cute laugh that brought a smile to both Kiseki’s and Michael’s faces. Ichiru heard it from where he was getting his food, bringing him to glance over just as Ashley gave him a smile, bringing him to return it with a small one of his own. However, it didn’t stay on his face for long when he noticed who Aria was looking at as her laugh died down, his gaze falling on Matt as their deal came back to mind.

After a little while, the toddler finished her food, and Ashley got up to head toward the buffet again to get her some more upon request. Kiseki noticed Matt instantly when he approached her, the smile on his face vanishing instantly. He glanced over to Ichiru, who had joined their table silently at his brother’s request, and could feel the anger already. He saw the older twin’s hand closing around a knife beside him and remembered his accuracy in the training center’s knife throwing station. It wouldn’t be strange at all for Ichiru to use that to his advantage right now if he got angry enough. This thought brought Kiseki to nudge the older twin.

“Don’t.” He said under his breath as Ichiru’s hand tightened around the knife almost at exactly the same time that Matt grabbed Ashley’s wrist. This brought Kiseki to give him a light kick, the gesture finally making the dark haired teen tear his gaze away to look at Kiseki.

"We have to do something." Jeremy whispered in anger as Ichiru and Kiseki locked eyes, the latter warning his brother not to do anything he would regret. It was too late for that…

"If he doesn't let go of my daughter in ten seconds then I'm kicking his ass." Peeta growled as his hand gripped tightly around his knife as well. Ichiru’s grip had loosened on his own, but It was clear the idea was still in his mind. Even Michael, who had shown no signs of aggression since Kiseki had been watching him, appeared angered by the tribute’s attitude and actions.

Caitlyn looked at Keiru in question when he merely stuttered in response to her as she started on her food, although she noticed the red that came onto his cheeks just before he finally responded.

"I had a light meal." He closed his eyes for a moment after answering her first statement, a smile coming onto his face as he continued. "Looks like I win anyway." His smile turned into a grin. "Because looks like you discovered what the surprise was."

The look of question on Caitlyn’s face became mixed with confusion at his last statement. However, she didn’t say anything, simply waiting for Keiru to continue as he paused for a moment, the red on his face burning brighter just before he spoke again.

"The surprise was to request a date... of sorts." He looked away out of embarrassment as he spoke, and the expression on Caitlyn’s face changed again, this time to one of surprise. "Was going to ask you to dress up all snazzy and we have romantic evening on the rooftop, gazing up at the night sky. And there'd be dancing. I was trying to find music though."

Now it was Caitlyn’s turn to blush as Keiru looked back up at her with a nervous smile. She was still fumbling over how to respond when his gaze went to the food station. She looked over to see Matt gripping Ashley’s wrist, and a frown came onto her face. Even if she didn’t know either of them, she still didn’t like the way Matt acted. She saw movement from the corner of her eye and looked over to see Keiru rising from his seat with his tray as though he were going to get food, but she already knew simply from the look in his eyes that he wasn’t planning to just do that.

She opened her mouth to try and stop him before he did something to get himself into even more trouble, but before she could say anything he was already at the food station. She saw him grab Matt’s arm and forcefully pull it away from Ashley’s wrist, saying something that Caitlyn couldn’t quite hear from her place in the lunch room before releasing him, grabbing his tray, and shouldering the other tribute as he walked by.

Caitlyn let out a sigh of relief, thankful that he hadn’t done anything to make a scene this time around. Ichiru, Kiseki and Michael appeared surprised that he had taken up for the brunette, but grateful nonetheless. Especially Kiseki, since he didn’t know how much longer he would have been able to keep Ichiru calm.

After saying something to Ashley, Keiru grabbed two bowls of ice cream and returned to the table. He cast a glare around the room before sitting down, speaking loud enough that his voice carried throughout the room.

"Nice to see when I'm involved, the Peacekeepers get on my case, but nobody even reacts to that arse when he does something?" With that, he calmly slid back into his seat, placing one of the bowls of ice cream in front of Caitlyn and the other in front of himself. Caitlyn barely had time to give him another questioning look before he was offering her a spoon with a grin on his face. "So, you want that meal tonight?"

After the question registered, a smile finally returned to her own face and she took the spoon offered to her.

“Whenever works for you.” She responded with the smile still on her face. Keiru’s mention of a date came back to mind, and the red returned to her face as she averted her gaze before continuing. “Your date idea sounded interesting… if you still want to do that.”

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