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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Let's go back to the school and see if we can find any other clues." Aiden nodded in response to Kotomi, following her out of the house as she grabbed his hand and used her speed to lead him back to the school parking lot. It made sense to have come here, since it was where Caroline had been kidnapped.

He helped Kotomi look for clues are Caroline’s car after she had released his hand, though neither of them were able to find anything at first.

"Great minds think alike." After a few moments of fruitless searching, Aiden turned around to see Damon and Isobel walking over to them.

"Did you find any clues?" Kotomi asked, to which both of them shook their heads.

"We have to find her." Damon growled in frustration as he looked down, and Aiden gave an irritated sigh. He remembered the look on Kiseki’s face when they had found him here, along with the fact that he had nearly made himself pass out trying to search for it. There was no doubt that he was a mess right now.

He noticed Damon kneel down and grab an item from underneath Caroline’s car, bringing him to walk over to him in curiosity around the same time that Isobel and Kotomi did as well.

"What is it?" Isobel asked the question before it could leave Aiden’s mouth.

"A wallet." Damon responded, then opening it and pulling out a driver's license. "Bill Forbes... why does the last name 'Forbes' sound so familiar?" He looked at the others, but Aiden had no real clue. He knew that the Forbes were one of the founding families of Fells Church, but aside from that, nothing clicked.

"Caroline's last name used to be 'Forbes' before her and Kiseki got married." Isobel finally realized the connection, and Aiden looked at her in shock.

"So whoever has Caroline is a family member." Kotomi said.

"Yeah." Damon nodded. "Uncle, father, whoever."

"We need to get back to the house and have Ashley or Bonnie take a look at this." Isobel said. "Since Ashley, Caroline and Bonnie were friends before they even knew the Supernatural world existed then they would know who this man is."

Aiden nodded along with Kotomi and Damon, following the Vampire back to the house.

"Did you find anything?" Diana asked a few moments later as the group arrived back at the house.

"We need to know who this man is." Damon said as he walked over to Ashley, and handed here the wallet. Ashley was obviously shocked after looking at the license, which Aiden knew had to mean she recognized the man.

"This is her father, Bill Forbes. Where did you find this?"

"Underneath Caroline's car." Kotomi responded. "He must had dropped it."

"What is he doing here?" Bonnie asked.

"Well the 'Forbes' were one of the founding families of Fells Church, so it actually makes sense for him to be here." Ashley answered.

"But we still didn't find Caroline." Damon said, and the two girls appeared lost in thought for a few moments. Aiden was frustrated that he had no idea what was going on, but it was good that they had a lead to go with now.

"The next place to check would be the land which their family owns." Ashley said after a few moments. "Do you guys know where it is?"

"No." Damon responded with a sigh as Kotomi and Isobel shook their heads. Aiden had to shake his as well, even though he knew most of the town and the forests surrounding it by heart now.

"I do." Ashley said with a nod, then looking over to Bonnie and Diana. "Could you guys stay here while we go check the Forbes' land?"

"Of course." Bonnie nodded, and the group was off again.

Ashley led them to a part in the woods that Aiden still remembered clearly from his exploring before the group had returned. He had known better than to actually wander onto the land, but he had still explored this part of the woods before out of sheer curiosity.

Only moments after they had arrived, Caroline’s scream pierced the air, bringing the group to stop and quickly turn around. The scream stopped as quickly as it started, but it had gone on long enough for them to determine which direction it had come from.

"Caroline!" Damon shouted, and was answered shortly after by Caroline. Their attention went to a door on the ground that allowed only one person to go through at a time, which Damon wasted no time tearing off and throwing to the side before jumping down through the open doorway.

"You bastard." When Aiden entered the cellar, he saw Damon had already pinned an older man to the wall by his neck. It was easy to tell just from looking at him that this man was Caroline’s father.

"Damon don't hurt him!" Caroline shouted as the remainder of the group entered the cellar as well. "He's still my dad!"

"You have to be kidding me." Damon sighed in frustration, and instead slammed Bill’s head into the wall in order to simply knock him out. Aiden heard Caroline scream and quickly looked back over to her, seeing that some sunlight had come through the roof and was touching her skin.

"My ring!" She cried, using her finger to point to where her ring rested on the ground across the room. Ashley was the one to get it and put it back on the blonde’s finger while Kotomi and Isobel freed her from the chair. Aiden gave a sigh as Damon scooped her into his arms, glad that it was over for now, but also knowing that this probably wasn’t the last of Bill they would see. Just another problem to add to the list…

"We can't just leave him." Caroline said weakly as she looked at her father's unconscious body.

"He'll leave the cellar when he wakes up." Ashley told her, and Aiden glanced back at the older man as the others left the cellar first, finally following them back to the house a few moments later.

We found Caroline. Meet us back at the house.

Damon’s telepathic message made Ichiru and Kiseki freeze in place. They looked at each other for a moment before Kiseki turned and disappeared with his Vampire speed, Ichiru following shortly after.

“Caroline!” Kiseki ran straight to Damon upon arriving back at the house, looking at the blonde in his arms with a mixture of fear, worry and concern. He wanted to take her in his own arms, but it was obvious she was in pain, so he was afraid to move her. Instead, he gently put his hand on her cheek, attempting to heal her wounds with what remained of his energy. As he did this, he looked up at Damon while Ichiru walked over to Ashley. “What happened?”
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