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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Battling Roggenrola

"Guess we weren't so lucky this time." Sarah frowned. "Okay Aster, Razor Leaf!"

The familar leaves flew out of Aster's sides and pummeled Roggenrola. The strange rock-type staggered for a moment, before planting its feet firmly on the ground.

"Rola!" it cried as it flew towards Aster, slamming the Bulbasaur with a Headbutt attack.

Roggenrola landed unsteadily from its own attack, it was clearly still tired from the earlier battle.

"This is it Aster! Use Vine Whip to fling it!"

Using its strong vines, Aster picked up the strange rock and flung it through the air. It landed on the ground with a muffled crash.

"Now finish with Take Down!"

Aster ran at Roggenrola, head down. The Roggenrola charged with another Headbutt. The crash echoed through the surrounding forest as the two Pokemon collided. When the smoke cleared, Aster was left puffing as he struggled to get back to his feet, while Roggenrola was lying unmoving on the ground.

"One more time! PokeBall go!"
Official's Post

PKMN Trainer Sarah whips the ball forth at Roggenrola. Upon imact, Roggenrola glows red and is instantly sucked into the ball.






Roggenrola was caught!

Would you like to give Roggenrola a Nickname?

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