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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
Currently: Route 4 talking to Elaine
Tiny say to Elaine that it is west and takes out a compass and shows her it that way and if she is not sure she can follow him there since he is heading that way
He tells her to hold on 2 secs as he see something shiny Beside the path and picks it up TM 19 and goes back to her a says there is a load of them there and ask if she wants them
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"Oh, that's so kind of you!" Elaine says. "I am actually in a huge rush though! I'm running late for my Gym Battle. I hope the leader isn't too mad! Thanks so much for your help. Hopefully I'll see you again! Bye now!"

The girl runs off in the direction of Zenith Town.
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