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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Official's Post:

Did you hear? Apparently Celestia is synonymous with coincidental. The next section in the current chapter of your journey is dripping with coincidence.

Occasionally attacks go wrong. Like, for example, a Mega Drain sucks up more than is intended. And that is certainly the case here.

You're aware that Bulbasaur is part Poison type, correct? Well, when your Sunkern sapped the Bulbasaur's energy, it also sapped some of its incredibly poisonous toxins that it keeps in its body. Uh oh.

"Sun," your plant Pokemon responds as you praise it for the great battle effort. Unfortunately, the Sunkern topples over and seems immobile, shaking ever so slightly. You go to check its condition. Not good. The Sunkern is burning up with an incredibly hot fever. Unless you find an antidote, the Sunkern is probably going to be out of action for a while.

But where can you find an antidote?

You're in the woods. Who knows what you might stumble upon? You could always look around and try to find something. Some say that a certain Pokemon in Route 3 can heal another of any ailment. Hmm.

Of course, looking for a cure will certainly snatch time away from your trip. Darn. You can either wait until you get to the next Pokemon Center or have your Sunkern fighting fit straight away. Either which way, it's probably not good to have the poor thing continue to suffer like that...
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Sarah picked up Reni carefully. The poor Pokemon definitely wasn't well. "Saur, bulba," Aster frowned, looking down at the ground.

"Don't worry, Aster, it wasn't your fault." Sarah reassured her Pokemon. "Reni will be fine, we just need to reach the next town and find a Pokemon Center." Sarah returned Reni to her Pokeball and then took a quick look around. "I think that's Route 4 over there," she said. "It will lead us to the next town. It's a long trip though. There might be something here that could help us in the meantime. Can you have a quick look around, Aster? See if you can find some Pecha Berries or something. If not, we'll continue toward the next town."

"Saur!" Aster nodded, determined to help his Pokemon friend. He took off into the foliage on the side of the path.

"Be back here in fifteen minutes!" Sarah called after him, then walked into the forest on the opposite side of the path.
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