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Default The New Ultra Dex Launch

You can access the brand new version of The Ultra Dex here.

BW2 updates have been added in, so you would have to refrain from purchasing/using any of the new moves until the launch. I will leave it to you to check out some of the new features. Forme changes are basically better recognized and inputted now. Feel free to share with the others in the thread about any interesting tidbits that you've discovered, or perhaps any easter eggs. Do use this thread to report any errors or any incorrect hyperlinks, if any. So there it is, for whatever's left of the URPG community to use.

For faster accessibility, you can just type into your browser.

Thanks to the following people - AzureLakes, Backslash, ki adi mundi, Luciole, Morru Magnum, Nitro, Princess Crow, Siless, Soulmaster, The pokemaster for making this possible.


If you would like a list of new moves made available in BW2, do look below.

New Level-Up Moves
Sandshrew/Sandslash: Magnitude, Dig, Swords Dance, Earthquake
Clefairy/Clefable: Body Slam
Vulpix: Faint Attack, Hex
Zubat/Golbat/Crobat: Swift
Persian: Swift
Psyduck/Golduck: Aqua Tail
Growlithe/Arcanine: Outrage
Magnemite/Magneton/Magnezone: Flash Cannon
Onix: Sandstorm
Onix/Steelix: Rock Slide, Dig
Steelix: Autotomize
Exeggcute/Exeggutor: Extrasensory
Tangela/Tangrowth: Giga Drain
Staryu/Starmie: Brine
Mr. Mime: Psywave
Elekid/Electabuzz/Electivire: Thunder Wave
Magby/Magmar/Magmortar: Clear Smog
Pinsir: Storm Throw
Eeveelutions: Charm, Covet, Double-Edge
Vaporeon: Water Pulse
Articuno: Hurricane
Zapdos: Zap Cannon

Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos: Take Down, Confuse Ray
Azurill: Water Sport, BubbleBeam, Helping Hand, Bounce
Marill: Water Sport, Helping Hand, Bounce, Superpower
Sudowoodo: Counter, Stone Edge
Sunkern/Sunflora: Natural Gift, SolarBeam, Double-Edge
Dunsparce: Double-Edge, Endure, Drill Run
Gligar/Gliscor: Sky Uppercut
Shuckle: Rock Throw, Shell Smash, Rock Slide, Stone Edge
Heracross: Chip Away
Sneasel/Weavile: Snatch, Punishment
Swinub: Flail
Piloswine/Mamoswine: Flail, Thrash
Corsola: Iron Defense, Endure, Flail
Remoraid/Octillery: Hydro Pump
Mantyke/Mantine: Wide Guard, Air Slash

Wingull/Pelipper: Air Cutter
Pelipper: Brine
Nosepass/Probopass: Rock Blast, Spark
Numel/Camerupt: Curse, Yawn
Trapinch/Vibrava/Flygon: Bide, Bulldoze, Mud-Slap, Rock Slide, Superpower
Swablu/Altaria: Round
Zangoose: Revenge
Seviper: Gastro Acid
Lunatone: Rock Slide, Stone Edge
Solrock: Psychic, Stone Edge
Metang/Metagross only: Miracle Eye

Combee/Vespiqueen: Bug Buzz
Vespiqueen: Air Slash
Buizel/Floatzel: Double Hit, Hydro Pump
Drifloon/Drifblim: Amnesia
Bronzor/Bronzong: Metal Sound, Psywave
Skorupi/Drapion: Night Slash, Pursuit

Beartic: Aqua Jet

New Technical Machines
Spinarak/Ariados: X-Scissor
Purrloin/Liepard: U-turn
Klink/Klang/Klinklang: Wild Charge

New Move Tutors
Black and White 2 Changes (B/W) - Smogon University
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