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Originally Posted by Pokemon Breeder Dustin View Post
Trainer: Dustin


Currently: Arriving on Route 4

The group arrives on Route 4. Yet another explosion occurs, but instead of sparkles, this time it's tiny Heartless/Nobody/Unversed/Dream Eater symbols. When everything fades, Dustin is left dressed as Final Form Sora, complete with Oathkeeper and Oblivion floating behind. Dustin snatches up TM19 (Telekinesis) and continues on his way.
Official's Post:

You seem to have an outfit for every occasion. Your Pokemon seem used to this by now. Maybe they want to join in on the fun?! You could create your own line of Pokemon fashions and become a top designer, travelling the world and selling your clothes. You'd be rich! A billionaire! You'd even be able to- THUNK!

Something hits you right in the head. It grabs on and doesn't let go! You can't see a thing and now there's some horrible creature trying to eat your face. You claw at the thing, trying to rip it off. After a struggle, it releases you and floats backwards. It's hovering up and down happily. Happily?! Maybe this thing likes you?

"Shuppet!" it cries, lunging for your face again. This time you manage to dodge. You better do something before this crazy Pokemon attaches itself to you again!

Wild Shuppet appeared! Write a paragraph if you want to catch it!
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