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Default Re: Razor Claw's Fifth Generation Trade Shop

Originally Posted by quintero30 View Post
I am interested in these even items

Heaven's Pipe;

Arceus - Rash

Eon Ticket;

Latias - Impish
Latios - Lax

Enigma Stone;

Latias - Modest
Latios - Calm

Member Pass;

Darkrai - Lonely

Oak's Letter;

Shaymin - Lonely

Pokemon Ranger;

Manaphy - Naive

Liberty Pass;

Victini - Relaxed
First off are u interested in the pokemon or the items specifically? If Items u do know that they are KEY ITEMS which can not be TRADED. I use the item names to ID the pokemon doe ppl so they can look up stats and the other information on them correctly. Second if u want the Pokemon what are u offering in return?

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