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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase! **PLEASE post! Critique others' work and post your ow

Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
So I've been working on some trainers, and one of them is just stumping me to no end. I've got 2 versions of her, and I can't decide which one looks better.

The one on the left with the hair over her shoulders, but like resting on her back, OR the one with her hair completely behind her? With her back arched the way it is, I wasn't sure which one seemed best...

EDIT: Or there's this one that I quickly threw together with Flannery's other pose.
I think the one on the left is the better of the 2, but maybe you could make the hair hang down a little further over her body? Really love the one where she's standing up!

I've been working on trainers for the Chrome Clan contest, but I'm not sure if I prefer the tanned or pale trainer. Thoughts?

They're both themed from Vegas performers. As soon as I saw the banner for Chrome Clan I immediately thought of a showgirl's tail feathers, and the male is based off myself. Loljks, they're a dancer/Chippendale of some sort. Anyway, C&CC would be great as I've never done trainer sprites before. They're pretty much all fusions of various trainers across the last 3 generations, with the girl's 'tail' and the guy's torso scratched.

Cheers all!

- ND

EDIT: I think I'm leaning towards the pale girl and the tanned guy. Yes/no?

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