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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
(Yes this is considered a capture. You will have to wait a week from the date you caught Munna to be able to catch another Pokemon. If you're after something specific you can always try the trading post if someone else has already caught one!)

Official's Post
"Pi! Pichuuu!" Pichu cries as it's sucked into the Pokeball.

The ball rocks back and forth...


Pichu was caught!

Altaria nods happily. "Tar, taria!" it cries, warning you to take good care of Pichu. It then flaps its cotton-like wings and takes off, circling overhead.
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"All right, see you again Altaria!" I wave my hands at the disappearing Altaria. Then, I release all my Pokemon out.
"So Treecko, Meowth, Munna and Pichu, where would you guys like to go?" I ask them since I don't have a clue to where the next area may be.
"Treeck!" "Nyaa!" "Muu~!" "Pichu!" All Pokemon points at the East of the forest.
"Oh well, I trust you guys! Let's go!" I put their Pokeballs back safely in my bag and run towards the East of Route 3, hoping that I'll end up somewhere new...

*Leaving Route 3 for Navi Town*
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