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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
Well hey I am sure if ya wanna give it a try Dredd will happily give you a hand and get you settled in which ever you choose.

P.s. Dredd were you planning on a GCEA Hoen?

Edit: wow i was late on this one
Let's not ask about a third version right now. We still are no where near completing Kanto! And we just started Johto for goodness sake! Let's give him a break!

*sigh* I'm gonna have to say I need a break from this. Clearly with the stress of things going on with me, this is only adding on to it. At least Red version. It's hard trying to now get my character more involved, not seeing much opportunity to have her interact with some of the characters. And as I said before, a character like Markus just put her off. And really, with how Latio plays the character and how almost every post has at least one curse word it in, it's something that makes me uncomfortable as a player. I normally have a high tolerance for it, but it's just... ridiculous. But I'll cut myself off there. So I'm taking a break from Red, but I'll probably post in Gold. However... that might also change. There are some things that I personally do not like happening in the games, but again that's personal preference.

PS: It's Hoenn, not Hoen. And there is a "preview" button when you post so you can see if people posted before you so you can edit your post accordingly, or realize you don't even need to post at all.
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