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Default Re: Zenith Town

Originally Posted by Pokemon Breeder Dustin View Post
Trainer: Dustin


Currently: Zenith Town Library: Subquest Ho!

Dustin...nods, not whispering. :P
Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post
Trainer: Quinn
Party: Sara, Shinx, Green Orb
Location: Zenith Library

Quinn walked into the room and started to investigate the statue. He finally says, "Wonder what this is for..."

(You know, I'm kinda stumped myself)

He notices the red button. "This will either screw us over hard, or help us in some way. Well, there's no such thing as an experiment without trial and error. Hopefully, we won't die."

Don't worry, you--

"Not now!"

Quinn presses the button on the statue.
Official's Post:

A thick layer of dust had collected all over your belongings by the time the Official came.


Anyhow, Corey tries to open the door that's in front of him, completely disregarding the statue. No matter how much you push the hard wooden frame, the door will not budge.

Quinn, being the rather curious young trainer he is, goes to inspect the statue. Upon further inspection, he realises the button says "do not push" on it.


It was too late. No matter how fast the green orb could talk from inside the boy, Quinn's slippery little fingers had already made contact with the button. The statue's stone from slowly began to transform into blood and flesh. The man depicted in the statue became fully animated, standing on his pedestal.

"Yes! Thank you for awakening me!" the man screamed, laughing in triumph. Suddenly, from the floor beneath the trainer and the former statue, metal bars sprung up, trapping them both.

"What? Awaken from my thousand year slumber, and this is what happens?" The man was incredibly angry. "Agnutis will not stand for this!"

Agnutis, as he was apparently called, grabbed Quinn in a headlock.

"Free us or I'll snap his neck."

"H-help us," the green orb murmurs from inside the cage. The other two trainers could almost see Quinn's heart race through the purple bars.
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