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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Trainer: Zayna
Team: Charmander (Blaze), Pidgey (Freya), Critter (Roggenrola)
Currently: Saying bye to Elaine

...Johto League? I feel like I should remember something about that. Hmm... Nope. Nothing. Ah, well, sounds important.

Anyway, I smiled presently at Elaine. "Yeah, no prob. And a battle would be great--I'll look forward to it."

"Char!" Blaze agreed, seeming to glow after that 'cute' compliment.

I wished Elaine good luck before giving my good-bye, then we setting off down Route 3 once more. I had to admit, speaking with Elaine left me a little worried. She looked like she had been lost for days. Was this road that long? Or was it just that easy to get lost? I started wondering if I was prepared enough for this trip...

"No more straying from the path, guys," I informed my team. "We're stickin' to the road, got it?"

All made various noises of agreement, including Critter.
Official's Post

You continue up the path, hoping to see a sign of the next route. A couple of times you swear you see that same glimmer of light from earlier through the trees, but every time you turn to look there's nothing there. Maybe the darkness is playing strange tricks on your eyes...

The daylight slowly recedes and it becomes even darker under the thick tree canopy. Through slight gaps in the leaves you can see that the sky overhead is slowly changing into a dusky blue. The sounds of the forest have become louder as well. Nocturnal Pokemon are squawking and buzzing around, waking from their slumber, while others return to their nests for the night. The whole forest buzzes with life and you are momentarily amazed by the cacophony of sound.

As you continue down the path, the buzzing sound seems to get louder. On a broad tree trunk up ahead is a group of Nincada, hurrying to and fro from a dirt pile at the base of the tree. You wonder if there's a nest under there...

As you near, a few of the Nincada stop and watch you cautiously. They don't look particularly angry, but you're sure they would have no qualms about defending their home if they thought it was in danger.

As the last light disappears from the forest, you notice a gleam from the top of the Nincada's tree. A large owl, bigger than the one you fought earlier, waits patiently on a branch obscured by leaves. It watches the writhing Nincada, waiting for an opening to dive down and attack its prey.

You feel a sense of dread for the Nincada who are so obviously unaware of the danger above, but you know it is just the way of the forest and the circle of life.

As you pass the Nincada's tree, their attention fixed to you, the Noctowl takes its chance and swoops, plucking a helpless Nincada from the ground and flying off, over your head, to somewhere further down the path. The remaining Nincada immediately panic, scrambling to their nests underground until all that remains of their party is piles of dirt around the base of the tree.

You continue up the path, glad for the fiery light from Blaze's tail, despite the fact that it makes it almost impossible to see anything in the blackness outside the Pokemon's halo. Up ahead you can hear screeching and squawking. As you get closer, you see that the Noctowl from earlier is swooping from tree to tree, diving down at the helpless Nincada like a cat playing with a mouse. The Nincada is panicking, but each time it tries to tunnel underground, the Noctowl swoops, picking it up in its claws and then dropping it once more. You could easily continue on your path, leaving the Noctowl to its prey, but the poor Nincada looks so terrified. You wonder if you should interfere...

Wild Noctowl and wild Nincada appeared!
Noctowl cannot be captured.
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