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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Wondering in Route 5

"It'd be awesome to catch up! Murkrow, go introduce yourself to Eti's Pokemon. Cyndaquil, you go too!"

Murkrow and Cyndaquil run over to Eti's Pokemon.



"MURK YOU. THAT'S MY LINE. You never let me have any fun...Anyways, I'm Eclipse. You can call me Murkrow."

"Cynda..." Volcano nods his head in disappointment.

"Alright everyone, into the tent!" Eti shouted. Well all managed to crowd up in the tent.

"Eti, how is everything? What's new from the last time we met?"
Trainer: Eti Molo

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In Storage:
Currently: Catching up with Corey in the tent.

Corey requested for our Pokemon to interact with each other, but the only one of mine who was out of their ball was Pleasant. Once we had all crowded into my tent, Eclipse started to recite lines from the Team Rocket motto. Pleasant nudged my shoulder.

"Eti. His Pokemon are weeeeeeeird," Pleasant whispered, trying not to make eye-contact with the Dark-type Pokemon. "Murkrow give me the creeps."

"Hey, try and be nice," I murmured back. "These are our friends."

"No, they are your friends." Pleasant made his way towards the back of the tent (which wasn't far away due to the size of the thing) and sat with his back towards us.

"Sorry about him, guys," I told Corey's Pokemon. "He's a bit antisocial."

"In the words of Eclipse, Murk you, Eti."

I laughed. Corey asked me how everything had been. "Not so bad," I begun. "I didn't need to go through the pain of getting the first badge because my father owns the gym. Then I made it out here and caught an Aron." I present to him the shrunken unusable Nest Ball. "Other than that, my team and I are just trying to make it to Route 6. I heard there was some neat stuff over that way. How was my father, by the way? Let me guess, you won on your first try, right?"

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