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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Route 2, arguing with PJ
In party:


JC looks over at the rude young man. He is hardly a new trainer but he isnt the type of person to brag. JC is great at observing others actions, but he really didnt need this right now. He listen to the man without saying a word. He watched the whole mess play out.

"Spinarak ?"

JC stands for a moment surprised to see this kind of aggression out of a pokemon that was normally laid back. Something must have work it up. JC held Pidgey looking down at Ashley.
"No rest for us today Ashley, this bug wants to battle so lets give it one !"

Chimchar bashes on the ground
"Charrr! Char!!!"

The Spinarak leaps into the air catching Chimchar by surprise. Chimchar falls back the ground using its hands and feet to kick Spinarak off. The little spider flies through the air landing safely on the ground. Once it lands the litlte spider sprays out a string shot which wraps around Chimchar slowing it down.

JC still holding Pidgey calls out.
" Ashley the little spider thinks its webs are going to hold you back! Lets show it your trick !"

Chimchar struggles for a second but quickly stops focusing.
"Chim, Chimchar !!"

The back of its tail heats up. Soon a strong blaze from its tail melts off the web. The boosted fire power has made the Chimchar more focused. It takes of running towards the Spinarak who again leaps into the air. This time however, Chimchar also jumps grabbing the spider out of the air and slams it to the ground. Chimchar then quickly moves in

JC rushes over
" Ember ! "

Chimchar smiles

The strong ember sprays out covering the spider. JC uses his free arm to use the ball that had failed before.
" Pokeball go !"
JC tosses the ball over at the Spinarak.
Official's Post

The Pokeball clicks shut and begins to rock...


Spinarak was caught!

Just as you're ready to celebrate, something large and red crawls down from the tree, followed by many little green spiders. An Ariados... and it seems like you've just caught one of its babies!

The Ariados begins to spin a web across the path, from tree to tree. The little Spinarak crawl over the web, fortifying its weak spots, and then take shelter back in the tree tops.

Ariados now clicks its fangs menacingly. It wants its baby back and that web is stopping you from going anywhere...

The commotion causes your Pidgey to awaken.

Wild Ariados appeared! Release Spinarak or defeat Ariados to escape.
Cannot be captured.

Note: You unfortunately can't reuse Pokeballs, so if a Pokemon fails to be caught, that ball disappears. Make sure you remember to remove it from your stats :)

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