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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
1) Sprites give us a nice eye rest and it looks better imo. :3

2) I would think they're different places. Like the Moore of Icirrus.

Also, I love this Nuzlocke! You're doing a great job imo, so don;t worry about it! They're funny too. X3
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Typhlo! :3

So far I've gotten two people saying yes to the sprites (Jaye told me over IM that she thinks I should continue it), and I like how it looks so I will most likely continue with that. Plus it doesn't have to be just the first Pokemon encounter. I could also include sprites like I did with the male Loppuny or when one of my Pokemon evolve. Plus, as Typhlo said, it does give a brief break to the massive wall of text.

I was kinda thinking that they'd be considered to seperate areas, but I was hesitant because the names of the areas were exactly alike minus the addition of a word. I didn't catch a Pokemon in the Sewers cause 1) I didn't run into a wild Pokemon on my way to the square where I caught Nerina and 2) quite frankly I didn't like any of the Pokemon in the Sewers so it really wasn't a loss. If other people agree to this, then I will treat Desert Resort Entrance and Desert Resort as two separate areas. Plus this will give me an extra chance to get the Scraggy I want. X3 Lady Luck please be on my side when I get there!

Also, that's my objective: humorous entertainment. I plan on writing an actual story on this playthrough, which will be a bit more serious in nature. So this will be more quirky as I just narrate Spinel's journey through Unova and add my own reactions to all the new changes from BW to BW2.
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