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Originally Posted by ArceusTheCreator View Post
Trainer: PJ
Currently: Route 2 with JC
In party:

"Go sunkern" PJ said releasing his pokemon in a red flash.
"Here" PJ says showing the interested trainer.This is my sunkern,first pokemon I ever caught."PJ says proudly."I apologize,I didnt catch your name earlier" PJ asks the boy.
Official's Post


"It's Archie," the boy replies. His eyes light up when he sees your Sunkern. "Oh! A Grass type! How did you know they were my favourite? Your Sunkern is great. I'd like you to have this."

Archie hands you a Friend Ball.

"I have lots of new Pokemon to meet so I better keep going. Good luck with your journey. I hope the Pokeball I gave you comes in handy!"

PJ obtained a Friend Ball.

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