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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

A knock from the door later on that day snapped Aiden out of a dazed state from his place on the couch. He had gotten absorbed in his thoughts again, and as a result had ended up in a daze. He started to get up and get the door, but Diana beat him to it, walking over and opening it. It was clear who all of them thought it would be, the thought making Aiden and Ichiru, who had been in the kitchen getting a drink when the knock was heard, tense.

However, when Diana opened the door, the brunette that stood on the other side wasn’t who they had expected at all. Both teens gave a sigh of relief almost simultaneously with Diana’s.

"And I'm just getting the message that Klaus is here because...?" The Original Doppelganger stood in the doorway with her arms crossed as she spoke.

"Come in Abigail." Diana said, prompting the older woman to follow her further into the house.

"Why didn't you guys tell me Klaus was here? I would had come back sooner." She said as Ichiru took a seat on one of the couches.

"Who told you Klaus was here?" Ashley asked. Ichiru saw Kiseki enter the room from his peripheral vision, the younger twin having previously been in another room with the toddlers and Raven. He appeared surprised to see Abigail, but said nothing as he sat down beside Caroline.

"Meredith called me a few days ago." Abigail responded to Ashley‘s question. "I was all the way in California when I got the call, though I lost track of James about three months ago." She then looked to Isobel, Ichiru, Kiseki and Kotomi. "I'm so sorry... I was trying to keep tabs on him to make sure he wouldn't come back here."

"It's okay." Isobel said with a smile. "He hasn't showed up here."

"Not that we know of at least." Kotomi added.

"The reason we didn't tell you why Klaus was here is because we know you've been running from him for such a long time." Caroline explained. "Your peace from him was when he was finally dead for those nineteen years, but that wasn't even a long time at all. Not to a Vampire."

"Don't worry about me." Abigail replied with a small laugh, then turning towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Damon asked as Stefan and Lexi rose from the couch.

"I'm going to go find Meredith." Abigail responded. "I'll be back in a little while." With that, she left.

Kiseki, who had been tense since coming into the room, relaxed a little when realizing that the visit hadn’t been with more bad news. Aiden appeared to be dozing off after several minutes had passed, but just when Ichiru was about to attempt to prank him, he saw Ashley suddenly grab the counter for support in the kitchen, which brought him to jump up and rush to her side along with the rest of the group - even Aiden, who had suddenly snapped awake again.

"What's wrong?" Lexi asked.

"I... I don't know. Something isn't right." Ashley responded. "Do you guys feel any different too?"

"No." Caroline answered with a shake of her head, and Kotomi quickly looked to Kol and Aiden. The ginger started to say something, but stopped when Abigail suddenly appeared in the room.

"Abigail?" Kol asked in confusion.

"Katherine just killed me." The Vampire stated, bringing Aiden and the twins to look at her in shock.

"What?" Diana asked. "You're... you're a Ghost?"

"She's here in town, so you guys need to be careful." Abigail said, her eyes traveling to Ashley. "The reason you're feeling the sharp pain is because I just died; the Original Doppelganger. It's like when an Original Vampire dies, though you won't actually die. Katherine felt the same pain the same time as you, and I'm sure Finn felt it as well since he was the one to turn me. This means that he'll be coming back to Fells Church, along with Rebekah."

"We can resurrect you." Diana said, though the Doppelganger shook her head.

"No. That magic is far too dark for you to practice. You and your mother already brought back Klaus, Katherine and James, which the two of you received warnings from the spirits of the dead Witches. If you do anything like that again they will strip you of your magic." She locked eyes with Diana, and Ichiru felt one of the toddlers grab onto him for comfort, which brought him to put an arm around her.

"There has to be something we can do." Stefan argued, but Abigail shook her head once again.

"Just kill Katherine for me, this way I can kick her ass in the Ghost World. I'm going to go see Meredith, Kevin and Elijah to warn them as well." She then disappeared, leaving the group in silence.

Kiseki sensed a shift in Ichiru’s emotions and looked over to see the older twin’s free hand clenching into a fist. He could easily see the rage that came over him as memories of Katherine and everything she had done flooded into his mind. He started to say something to try and calm Ichiru down, but before he could, the older twin released the toddler in his arm and started toward the door.

“I need some air.”

“Is it okay to let him go out by himself?” After several moments of silence once the door had closed behind Ichiru, Aiden finally spoke up, bringing Kiseki to look over at him.

“He probably just wants to be alone right now, so we should give him his space. He won’t go too far anyway, even if he does leave the yard.” He tried to stay cheerful as he responded, but it was clear that he was worried about Ichiru being outside on his own. If he didn’t leave the yard it might be okay, but if he ventured out into the town or the woods he could run into Katherine or even Klaus, and that could possibly be fatal.
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