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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Master Aqua View Post
Well yes, you did make it out to be such a bold statement XD. God help you if you did that on smogon.

but no ho-oh has some major issues

4 rock weakness aka sr weakness, regenerator allows it to switch out easily with sr is on the field but not witch in
ho-oh is rather slow and has only tailwind and flame charge to make it faster
it lacks conventional boosting moves
it's not as threatening as a sweeper as garchomp dragonite and salamence who pocess better typing boosting moves and greater speed (dragonite is bulkier with multiscale and faster after dd)
It's defense is poorish, 90 isn't bad but it's not good either, and i suppose it dosn't matter, rock type moves will ko it at full health regardless.

The problem with ho-oh is it's both bulky and powerful, but it can't make good use of either of them compared to other pokemon, it's typing and inability to set up leave it so vulnerable. Why would you use ho-oh over any other sweeper or wall? garchomp dosn't need rapid spin support and it has far better typing, which makes up for the lack of special bulk and handles physical threats pretty well, access to swords dance, greater speed, near perfect coverage in it's stabs alone and not only no sr weakness but a ressitance more than make up for any advantages ho-oh may have over it.

just in future remember it's just not good practice to make a statement with out backing it up it's just not good practice and this may not be smogon but the idea of backing up what you say is good practice for life especially when you go to collage or university where you will have to reference thing's when writing an essay or an assiment, so it's good practice to start with something fun and simple such as pokemon.
I am in college and that's why I left off my explanation, to many deep writing assignments bore me.

It might bot be as threatening but it'll never see OU, I think. I dunno just feel that way.
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