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Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Zetsu's last nerve snaps, as the Shadow Ball barely misses his head, he then turns to the woman, with a forced smile on his face...

"I don't suppose you have a means of healing my pokemon, hmm?"
He knew the only pokemon that could really stand a chance against him were bug types at this point, meaning Skorupi and Spinarak were his only options...or were they?

He began to think hard, about type match-ups, and thats when he remembered, Normal types aren't affected by Ghost moves!

"Come on out, Minccino! Use Sing, then Aqua Tail!" He shouted, watching intently as Minccino started swinging her tail about, fluidly as if her tail itself was a running stream...

Dusknoir tries to use it's moves, one after the other, Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Ball, they all just shot straight through Minccino, all the while, being hammered in by Minccino's Aqua Tail..

"This is what you get for not choosing the peaceful option!" He shouted, seeing that he had the upper hand.

Although he was being hit consecutively by Aqua Tail, something didn't seem right, Zetsu couldn't help but shake the feeling that Dusknoir has one last trick up his sleeve....
Official's Post

Your Minccino has put up a valiant fight. It thrashes away at Dusknoir. Despite the attacks hitting square on, the giant ghost-type doesn't seem to be taking any lasting damage. "Noir!!!!" the Pokemon suddenly roars. Electricity crackles from its giant fist as it pounds into your Minccino. The little Pokemon is sent flying from the brutal attack. You wonder if Dusknoir has just been messing with you all this time...

Suddenly the strange zigzag pattern on Dusknoir's body begins to break apart. A gaping hole of nothingness opens in the Pokemon's body. A fierce wind whips around the clearing. The young woman begins to scream as she is pulled into the vortex.

"I-I can fight it," she cries, struggling to stay upright next to you. "I just need more strength. Please! If I'm strong enough, Dusknoir will leave!" she pleads. She holds out a hand. "Lend me your strength, Zetsu. We can do this together!" she cries. She begins to lose her balance. You know it's only seconds before Dusknoir will recapture her. What are you going to do?
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