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Shortly after regaining all his energy back, he slowly gets to his feet, then stumbles on over to the female, who appears to be unconscious from the mass energy consumption. Unable to leave someone behind in theit time of need, Zetsu slowly wraps an arm around her, being careful not to touch her hands...

"Let's hope for no more interruptions, eh? I don't feel like feeling like a puddle of jelly on the ground.."

With the woman, her arm around his neck, and her feet being dragged along the ground, Zetsu continues to walk along the dirt trail, seeing the main trail, finally after this long, exhausting night....

Step by step, the two inched closer and close to the sign, the one indicating the path to Navi Town, where the screams were first heard, but by this time, Zetsu was barely keeping to his feet himself.

Zetsu struggled to atleast make it to that signpost, before finally collapsing himself, exhaustion finally kicking in, laying there, not knowing what may happen to him.....
Only the strong, survive.....

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