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[QUOTE=Typhlosion Explosion;3434711]
Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

Official's Post for JC and PJ:

Two Pokemon appeared! You'll have to decide who gets who!

Wild Munna and Wild Nincada Appeared!

Official Post for Zetsu:

You come across the very thing you were looking for! It's not even funny how lucky this is. I CAN'T EVEN FIND A BUDEW. ;n;

Wild Ralts appeared!
Zetsu's eyes widen, then a slight grin runs across his face...

"What Luck! Come on out, Minccino!"

Minccino popped out of her pokeball, swinging her tail cutely, as if he signal her trainer that she was battle-ready.

Zetsu decided to start things off. "Minccino, Tail Slap!"

Minccino ran up to the Ralts, and slapped the Ralts repetitively, watching as the Ralts gets helplessly gets slapped around. The damage being caused boosts due to her ability "Technician".

The ralts regains his composure and uses Magical Leaf! a series of raindow colored leavescontroll psychically begin to glow, then proceed to "home in" on Minccino, she can't dodge it, and gets hit square on.

Minccino quickly gets back to her feet, and to avoid getting hit that hard again, there was only one move he could use...

"Minccino, Sing!"

Minccino let loose a lovely lullaby to the Ralts, watching as the Ralts started swaying from side to side, then collapsing to the ground.

Seeing how injured the Ralts is, scratches covering the pokemon all over, Zetsu thought maybe one more move would weaken it enough:

"Minccino, one more Tail Slap!"

Minccino slapped the sleeping Ralts 2 more times. The Ralts was still sleeping, an indication that the pokemon was not KO'd, which was a good sign. Now was the time. Zetsu threw a pokeball at Ralts...

"Pokeball, Go!"

Zetsu watched intently as the pokeball rolled from side to side, with a sleeping Ralts inside...
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