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Exclamation Re: Gym Leader Applications

It appears that my previous post didn't get posted, as of now, I found out that Umbra was taken, even though open. I shall work on Solstice.

Gym applying for: Solstice City Gym

Pokemon using (max 8): Let's keep that a secret ;-) nah, just kidding.
1) Pupitar - Dat bad mofo :]
2) Terrakion - My personal Favourite :)
3) Scizor - Bugs are so cute :3
4) Skarmory - your personal private jet :D
5) Bisharp - let's bring the power rangers back! C:
6) Metagross - well, computers are needed too! :0
7) Excadrill - I mean come on! Drilling is done when mining ;)
8) Magnezone - the Childhood friend :')

Custom gym rules:
1) There should be enough light to get through the dark caves. Therefore, at least one Fire or Electric-Type pokemon is obliged.
2) The battle format will be up to the challenger. 3v3 Singles/Rotation, 4v4 Singles/Doubles or 6v6 Singles/Triples. Whatever format is chosen, the amount of pokemon brought to the arena shall match the amount that can be used namely 3, 4 or 6.
3) The following clauses apply: Species, OHKO, Evasion and Sleep Clauses.
4) At least one Pokémon should know Flash to get through the gym maze, but is not able to use it in battle due to Evasion Clause, wasting one moveslot and giving challengers a tougher time in beating the sinister sensei of Solstice.
5) Only one Fighting-Type and Ground Type Pokemon (dual weakness).
6) No Flat Rules! This means that multiple items are possible. However, there shall be no pokemon over level 50 and the Banned Pokémon count; these are: Mewtwo, Mew, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Celebi, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys (any form), Phione, Manaphy, Shaymin (any form), Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina (any form), Darkrai, Victini, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem (any form), Keldeo (any form), Meloetta and Genesect.

Gym backstory:

The Gym Leader Mike, born in Holland, was raised by Roxanne and Roark who adopted him and took over their passion for Rock-Type Pokemon. However, he found a Magnemite once that became his very first friend and very first pokemon and started to like the Steel-Type too. He wanted to become a Gym Leader like his "parents" but found that there were no open vacancies anywhere, apart from Solstice city, a small but famous village that was known for their use of Rock and Steel type pokemon in labour. This encouraged him to leave Hoenn behind him and set out on a journey to Solstice.

On his way to Solstice, he first needed to get to Lilicove City to get on the boat. On his way there, he met up with a guy called Steven. He saw the potential of the trainer after he crossfired him with trivia. In reward of recognition, this ex-champion gave Mike an unusual Pokémon, Beldum.
Mike decided to stop by the lake that he used to go to with his Mother. He found tranquility until he heard the sound of scraping metal. He looked up and first thought he saw a Boeing flying low, but quickly saw it was a Skarmory. It had a hurt wing. Mike felt sorry for the Skarmiry and went to find some Berries for it to kill the pain a bit. The Skarmory felt grateful and wanted to go along with Mike. Excellent since he could now bring Skarmory to a pokemon center.
When Mike finally arrived on the boat, he met up with a weird guy who told him there was a treasure in the kitchen. Mike snuck in at night and saw the cooks beating up a Scizor. They stuck all kind of razors in it which looked horrible. Mike didn't even blink and directly sent out his Magneton, who evolved by the way, as well as Beldum, to zap them and save the Scizor. Unfortunately, the Scizor got zapped too and was paralyzed. This did enable Mike to catch it however and a new friend was added to the party.
The boat finally arrived in Unova, a quick pit stop. Mike got out to get some lunch but he found out that it was ridiculously expensive and so decided to get his own food. While he was picking some apples, he heard his name being called. He found it weird but decided to follow it anyways. While he was underway, he found 3 master balls. How the hell could these have been dropped? Who would be so stupid? But yeah, he was lured into a cave where he saw a few boys running off, laughing. They had been calling him. Suddenly, a sandstorm kicked up and a Tyranitar appeared. Mike was scared but decided that it would be fine, as long as he had his Metagross. He sent it out and as a response, an Excadrill drilled his way up. Mike wasn't prepared for this and already made plans on how to get out. He turned around to run but saw a Terrakion, blocking his path. He heard the boys laughing even louder, and looked up to a ridge where he saw them looking at him. Mike panicked but then thought of the master balls he found and quickly got them out of his bag. The laughing of the boys faded as they realized their prank had failed. Mike proceeded to throw the Master Balls at the three pokemon and added three terrific powers to his team.
Mike then got back onto the boat, off to Solstice City. When he arrived, he immediately ran for the gym and ask where he could apply. The man said that there had been no applicants for a long time and that he was hired directly. Only problem: Tyranitar was to be devolved because it was too high a level. Luckily, Solstice had the equipment to do this and Mike got a level 50 Pupitar in return. In celebration, Mike was given a Pawniard. Mike loved how the Pawniard looked, it reminded him of the Power Rangers show that he used to love and directly trained the Pawniard to evolve. Ever since, he has done great as a gym leader. However, he felt that Solstice was too small and decided to go online. He didn't have a computer though. His Metagross partnered with Magnezone to do his trainer this favour and together they made a brilliantly working computer. Mike has been uploading battles of him to youtube ever since then under the name of ominousacid95 and gained quite the fame. This completed his dreams and made him a completey happy young man.
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