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Default Re: GLADIATOR [su/ds]

Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
I wish other people would post, I want to get into the battlefield :D :(
LoL, I want you guys to get there too so I can start torturing you so we can start some fun stuff! :D I'll try to make a post soon to have Freddie interact with the people who are actually there ^^

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
^_^ Since I am invited...
*looks at the participants list* >.>... T.T...
*Looks at ground sadly, but suddenly looks up determined with an idea!*
Does that mean i can use Krookodile to break into the building uninvited? lol

I am kidding of course... but could I?
...Er, wut? xD *confused by first half of post*

As for the Krookodile... Hahaha, I don't think that the SUMMIT people will appreciate you tearing holes in their property xD

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
some questions on gameplay

Is it purely PVP?

If not is it cooperative, or some mixture of both?

When we lose, do we simply lose the battle or the RP?

These may be covered in the RP but just in case.

I wanted there to be some PvP, but we might not depending on how activity goes. But a big part of it might be cooperative. Maybe. Depends on the GAMEMASTER's mood >:3

As for loses... what happens will be up to the GAMEMASTER--to be decided at time of loss ;D

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