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Default GUESSWHAT. I have an original FC story for you all!


Okay so what had happened was.

In case you don't know, I live in south Louisiana. I was on my way to Raceland, a nearby city, to see about getting started in this new job I was looking into. I turned north on highway 1 to go into Raceland, and I'm riding along at like 50 mph. It's my first time in this area, so I don't know the speed limit, nor how close I am to the city, (I had brought a friend to give me directions) so I keep my speed around 50.

So I'm driving, right? And I see a speed limit sign in the distance.

It says 45 mph.

So I'm like, okay. And I look down at the speedometer to check my speed. I look back up an-


so I immediately throw my hand on the horn and slam on the breaks. I'm breaking and breaking and I realize. I'm not going to stop in time and her BREAK LIGHTS are on as

the front of my car slides under her bumper, crushing my hood up

My friend's airbag explodes and this HORRIBLE SMELLING smoke starts coming up from underneath the dashboard. Not even a second lat-

My air bag explodes.

and by this time, I realize the red four-door Escape that I had just rear ended

WOAH WOAH WAIT REAR ENDED? **** its my fault no matter what.

But I noticed that she had pulled up some. Not even some, a good forty yards or so up. PAST the speed limit sign. I pulled off where my car had stopped from hitting her and got out to survey the damage.

As soon as the lady got out of her car, the first thing she said was, "It's okay, we don't have to call the police. We can just trade insurances, come move your car up to mine."

Now, me, 19 years old, freaking out. I dont know what the hell to do. So my friend drives the car up and I sit in the passenger seat and call my dad. We pull up to the lady and her eyes get WIDE. I get out the car and she says.

"Who are you on the phone with? Get off the phone."

It's also good to note that I was just in a car wreck, so I'm having the biggest anxiety/panic attack I've ever had.

I explain that its my dad and she says that she wants to talk to him. Fine. I hand her the phone and she convinces my dad that everything is okay, no one was hurt, and both cars were drivable, and the cops don't need to be called.

So they aren't. And we exchange info and leave.

So come to find out once I get home, the lady called the cop afterwards and reported it as an "incident."

I now think that that lady had taken advantage of me, because left turn collisions are usually the fault of the left turn taker. What do you guys think? Have any of you gotten into car accidents lately? ):
I wish this dream comes true.

We'll make this dream come true.

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