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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(need to ctach up)

Jacen listens to their conversation quietly as Sandra recovered from her battle. "Red.." he said quietly. For an odd reason, he heard that name somewhere. Wasn't that a gym leader or something? he thought. He sighed and gave up the thought.

"I suggest we check the Casino," he said. "If this guy is anywhere in the city, we should check the Casino first. I always felt the casino had secrets to it and I want to see if its true."

Blue Team
total points earned: 118
points spent:94
current points: 24

Pokemon In Party:
-Hydra, the Wartortle(Male) (level 16)
-Aerian, Fearow (Male)(level 6)
-Sandra, the Sandslash (Female)(level 27) (silk scarf)
-Machop, the Machop level 11
-Butterfree, level 10
-Geodude, level 8

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