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Default Re: Latio-Reol v. narphoenix

Round Two

Socratic Sarcasm

[Solomon] Starmie (X)

HP: 83%
Energy: 81%
Condition: Eh, that could have been worse
Moves: Magic Coat ~ Surf


[Scyez] Lucario (F)

HP: 96%
Energy: 84%
Condition: That wasn’t terrible, I guess
Moves: Roar ~ Take Down

Solomon knew that its opponent wanted to get rid of him before it could cause too much damage, especially now that it had foreseen his next few moves. Before Scyez had had the chance to act, Solomon had wrapped itself in a cloak of psychic energy, which shimmered and shined in the twilight of the arena. Starmie turned its gem to face its opponent: it was ready.

Scyez figured that the cloak wasn’t good enough to defend the sea star from what she had planned. Opening her snout, she screamed at the Starmie, trying to scare into flight so that she could be paired up against some less challenging opponent. However, this plan quickly backfired – in the most literal sense. The sound seemed to hit Solomon’s cloak, sending ripples spreading across it, and then bounce back. Scyez shrieked in terror at the sound, and instantly dived back into her poké ball.

Latio-Nytro grabbed another ball, not having time to pick the one he wanted, and threw it out. From the flash of light, a small dragon emerged. Hammuhyd the Gible waddled forwards, taking in his surroundings for a little while, before turning to face Solomon and preparing for what still seemed to be a slightly uneven battle.

The Starmie hadn’t even waited for Hammuhyd to gather his bearings before going on the offensive. Drawing up the water from around the edges of the arena, it created a massive wave, which crashed down on the battlefield, soaking both trainers to the bone and practically crushing Gible. The poor dragon screamed in agony as the full force of the water collided with him and nearly pushed him off of the island. He quickly scrambled back to his feet once the water was gone, but you could tell that he was already flagging.

He was determined not to let it show, though. Before Solomon was ready for him, he was charging straight at him, his short legs powering over the wet rock of the arena’s floor. He barrelled straight into the Starmie, both of them falling in a heap on the floor. Solomon was a little hurt by this, but it had taken a whole load of energy from Hammuhyd, so much that he almost felt faint. This hadn’t gotten off to the best of starts for the poor creature.

Socratic Sarcasm

[Solomon] Starmie (X)

HP: 71%
Energy: 68%
Condition: Feeling a little relieved; Magic Coat


[Hammuhyd] Gible (M)

HP: 75%
Energy: 74%
Condition: Very confused and hurt; Afferent Anticipation (Latio-Nytro gives moves first for three more rounds)

Magic Coat- (Starmie gains Magic Coat)
Roar- (Starmie -5% Energy; Lucario is switched out; rolled 1/9, Gible was sent out)
Surf- (Starmie -8% Energy; Gible -22% HP)
Take Down- (Rolled 5/10, Take Down was chosen; rolled 8/100, 85 or less to hit; Gible -26% Energy, -3% HP; Starmie -12% HP)
Gible’s action was chosen randomly from the moves it learns by level-up

Arena Notes

Team Notes
Socratic Scream
3 pokémon remaining
3 pokémon remaining
Scyez: 96% HP, 84% Energy