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Originally Posted by Snow View Post
Trainer: Snow
Party: Razor(Bulbasaur)
Location: Route 1
We did it *tears from left eye* we did it Razor we got rattata
Razor: Bulba *cheers*
*picks up pokeball* well your name is gonna be spike let's go Razor hopefully we can find a pokemon center or some place to rest *starts walking with Razor by my side steadily*
You're pretty bent on getting to a Pokemon Center, but as you continue along Route 1 something seems to catch Razor's attention. He strays from your side to go investigate a bush. Curious, you follow him. What on earth could he be up to?

Looking excited, Razor turns to you with a big grin on his cute reptilian face. His vines are extended from his bulb, and using them he presents something to you. What could it be?

Hey! Razor found 20 stars! Neato!

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