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Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Trainer: Cobalt
Party: Gwaine (Gallade) Slink (Rattata)
Currently: Creating deep and meaningful Nicknames.

Proof of Trade

Proof of Evolution

As Artemis Battled the wild pokemon, I was watching until something great happened.
My pokegear started to ring. It was Corey.
"Hey, I got that Dawn stone you asked for in Aurora City. I am transferring it now. it should appear in your bag" he said. We were mates before he left. When he found out I got Ralts, he offered to get the stone for me.
"Just send a Pokeball or something over, so it counts as a legit trade." he said.
"Thanks." I replied. he hung up after that.

I reached into my bag and pulled out the Dawn Stone.
"You finally won't look like a girl Kirlia!" I said at Kirlia, who was offended as per usual, as he started playing around with his tutu.
"Here." I said handing him the dawn stone. He began to glow. He grew to a height a little shorter than my own, and a helmet appeared with a spike on the top, and spikes protruded from his chest and back.

"Gallade!" he said.
"Hmm, I think I might give you a nickname." I said to him. "How about Gwaine?"
Gwaine nodded in approval.

As I watched Artemis battle the pokemon, I wondered if anything else would happen on this route which I felt like I had been on for the past month...

(We are back!)

Official's Post

Colbat is feeling pretty good as he had just traded. How he had traded someone from Route 1 we may never know but it happened. Once you are finally back on track you find that a deep haze has fallen all over Route 1. You wonder through the route but end you getting lost.

You are lost, you must add 6 hours on to your time.

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