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Default Re: The Chosen [SU/DS] (Sign-Ups Now Closed. May Reopen)

Name: Lee Aomori
Gender: Male
D.O.B and Age: 28/06/1989 23 Years old
Hometown and Country: Tokyo Japan
Personality: Over Confident in his own abilities. Never backs down from a fight, Keeps level head other wise. Generally nice if he has no reason to be angry at you. Doesn't know his boundaries.

History: When Lee was two his parents were killed in a violent gang war. The Noises Makers feeling responsible for the death of his parents took him in and let him live among them. They soon realised he was an asset. Not many people thought a small child was stealing your goods or even planting a bomb. Other gangs soon found out. When Lee was captured by a rival gang they tortured him for information. But being a child he knew nothing. They had to release him but that mean he could get back to his evil ways. They made a plan to remove his eyes. The theory being that he couldn't steal without eyes.
After being tossed back to The Noise Makers they found Lee without eyes and on seeing this decided that he no longer could help them so they left him for dead. A man found Lee crying on the ground and brought him to his Dojo. This Dojo was specially made for people who fought without using eyes. Sensei Takeo took Lee under his wing. He was to be his star pupil. Lee from that day forward started training to be able live without his eyes. When Lee turned 20. Takeo and Lee Traveled the world so as Takeo could show Lee different environments and how to deal with them. Whether it be using a sound bomb to check his surrounding or just retreating to a more safe location. At the age of 21 Lee started using weapons and found that he was best with the dual chain Kama's. This weapon taught him he could use more then just hearing he could use touch. Finally his Takeo taught him to always know creature while alive and dead.

Appearance: Blind fold over where his eyes used to be. 6'2" tall. Black hair in a long pony tail . Asian skin tone. (I didn't know how to describe it don't call me a racist for that.) Muscular build. Weighs 110 KG

Partner Pokemon Species and Nickname: Charmander. Balrog
Bunnying Rights: No one for now

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