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Name: Luca Brown (formerly James Montgomery)
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: Werewolf. His rules:
-He morphs under the full moon, always and without fail.
-In times of extreme emotion he may become more wolf like or even fully transform, but this is dangerous to him and others as he tends to be very violent in this state.
-He could theoretically morph when he chooses but runs the risk of hurting himself, as it is a painful process.
-Silver is the only thing that hurts him
permanently. Anything else heals at a faster pace then a human would heal. If silver gets embedded in him, his condition deteriorates.
Affiliation: Luca is for secrecy, mainly because he is concerned for the safety of the people around him.
Appearance: Luca is tall, measuring in at a little over six feet. He looks somewhat scruffy, as he has a short beard and an alarming amount of body hair. Physically he is solid and strong but does not have a body builder's physique. He has short light brown hair and pale skin with grey eyes. He dresses plainly, usually in button up shirts, pants, and jackets. He favors function over form.
In werewolf form, he grows dramatically, measuring in at eleven feet. His fur is the same color as his hair. He can move on all fours or standing on his back legs, although it is more practical for him to move on fours. He has intimidating claws and teeth, and is a terrifying sight. Image: not mine (I wish it was)
Personality: Luca is a gruff man, and he is easily irritated and occasionally hard to approach. He is good hearted, but is rough around the edges. He tries not to let others in but is laughably bad at it. He tends to worry about others, often to his own detriment. He has a short temper he struggles to control, which grows worse when it nears the full moon. Unfortunately, he tends to say something unkind that he doesn't really mean and then later regret it. When you befriend him, he will die for you with no hesitation.
History: Luca, or James as he was once known, had a relatively average live with no awareness of anything supernatural. His life abruptly changed for the worse when at the age of eighteen, he was viciously attacked by a werewolf. However, the werewolf was driven off by a demon hunter, who happened to be a close friend of James'. In a moment of weakness, he spared James' life, but warned him he had to get away from town and never return, as the whole town was crawling with demon hunters who would quickly be on to him. James fled town and wandered for months, eventually picking up the name of Luca Brown. After about a year of wandering, he came across an old farm, where a girl named Rosemary, who had latent psychic abilities, had sympathy on him. She convinced her father to give Luca a job there, and eventually figured out that he was a werewolf. However, her father was not as sympathetic as she was when this knowledge came to life. He sent Luca away, but Rosemary followed. They travelled the country together. Luca fell badly in love with her, but Rosemary did not return his romantic affection. They continued to travel, but one day, she suffered the fate that many others soon would- she mysteriously vanished, leaving nothing behind. Luca immediately suspected something was afoot, and when others began to vanish, he began hunting for the source of the problem. He still hopes Rosemary is alive.
Weapons/Abilities: Enhanced senses: Luca has enhanced senses, most noticably in smell.
Strength: Luca is considerably stronger then the average man.
Shifting: Luca naturally transforms on the full moon, but theoretically he could transform other times if he really wanted to, or if he lost control. He had never tried.
Regeneration: Unless the wound is inflicted with silver, it will eventually heal.
Other: Luca smokes. The frequency increases when he is stressed.

Name: Lilith Killough
Age: 20
Gender: female
Race: Human
Affiliation: Herself. She's not really interested in politics.
Appearance: Lilith is small and lithe but with some muscle. She has white blonde hair cut into a pixie cut. She is pale as paper and all sharp corners. She has grey eyes and a small, pointed nose. She wears little makeup besides black lipstick, nail polish, and an inordinate amount of mascara. Clothing wise, she tends to function over form, but is excellent at finding some combination of the above. Her default outfit is usually a tank top paired with a short sleeved jacket, cut off jeans, and boots. Jewelry wise, she wears silver hoop earrings and violet gem earrings further up her ear. She has a tattoo of a pentagram on her lower back in black ink. She could easily be mistaken for not being dangerous but she is anything but.
Personality: Lilith is graceful and clever, valuing her intelligence over her brute strength. She is a smooth talker and good at getting people to do what she wants. What she wants varies wildly- Lilith's motives are often inscrutable. She is mostly motivated to keep herself alive, but this quickly changes when others around her are endangered. In that case, Lilith becomes self sacrificing to a fault. She frequently overestimates her own abilities, and while she is capable, she is often over her head. She appreciates a challenge. She has a good control over her own emotions, often seeming as if she lacks empathy, but when she does crack, she rages like storms. Pray you aren't her target.
History: As a child, Lilith had an interest in the occult- and not the usual Harry Potter obsession type. She was interested in the darker, more horrific aspects of fantasy, and since her mother was not particularly concerned with her daughter's media intake, Lilith had free range to anything she could check out of a library. She quickly dove down into mythology, researching and finding everything she could about the darkest corner of each mythos. When she was twelve, she found out there was more to it then just fantasy, when she became embroiled in a dark magic plot, simply by being in the wrong place in the wrong time. She was taken by a group of demons, who intended to sacrifice her for some evil rite. She was fortunately saved by a group of demon hunters, who she immediately became fascinated in, asking for more and more knowledge. Eventually, they left town, but there was no stopping Lilith now. When she turned eighteen, instead of going to expensive schools as she easily could have, she travelled the country on the hunt of malevolent spirits and creatures (resulting in a poor relationship with the rest of her family). She doesn't have the training other demon hunters do, but her unorthodox methods make her hard to beat.
Physical Abilities: Lilith is strong and fast, and others frequently think she is weak because of her small size. While she is not insanely strong, she is fairly tough.
Guns: She has two pistols that she keeps in shoulder holsters hidden under her coat. She has regular bullets and silver ones.
Knives: She keeps knives on her person- about five or ten, depending on the day, with various metals.
Wands: Lilith once killed a witch (the summoning demon, eat the village children variety). She kept the wands, which as far as she can tell, are powered by some kind of dark spirit kept sealed away. Using them is probably an extremely bad idea. She does it anyway.
Other: Lilith travels around in a used white car. It's banged up but works very well.

Name: Farley Patterson (goes by Patterson)
Age: 21
Gender: male
Race: Ghost- originally ordinary human
Affiliation: Really doesn't care. He's dead what do you want from him.
Appearance: Alive: Patterson was tall, skinny, and unimpressive. He was Hispanic, with shaggy brown hair and bad skin (due more to the fact that he didn't care rather then any genetic fault. He wore simple clothing, square rimmed glasses, and basically looked to be an average guy.
After death: In a spectral form, Patterson would look the same as he did in life, but he would have a yellow hue, and be very translucent, with electricity flickering around the edges.
Except Patterson doesn't have a spectral form.
Because he's stuck in Lilith's laptop.
Lilith's laptop is a basic Mac that probably should have been out of date a few years ago, except Patterson keeps upgrading it. On the top, a pentagram is drawn in Sharpie to keep him from trying any funny business (which he would, probably). Patterson hates the laptop.
Personality: Patterson is very smart, and very aware of it. He's a show off who switches regularly between extreme self pride and self loathing, oftentimes at a moment's notice. He is volatile and moody and hard to work with. He refuses to back down on a challenge and has a hair trigger temper. He is usually frustrated with his current situation and regularly laments it, really out of habit rather then any active hatred. Patterson is eternally angry at almost everything around him, and it keeps him going.
History: Patterson was an intelligent child with a passion for computers. He worked with them his whole, short life, right up to his untimely death. He was a computer programmer who worked in an office which had the misfortune of being near a mess of magic, due to the fact that some magical creatures were in the area. Patterson had been working when the power shut off, very abruptly. He had been in the wrong place in the wrong time, and was unfortunately electrocuted. Patterson still doesn't really remember exactly what happened. However, when he woke up, he found that he was inside the computer system. With the computers as his eyes, he saw his body and realized his predicament. His coworkers discovered the body shortly thereafter and quickly took it. Patterson would have rotted there forever, except he chose to kick up a fuss.
The computers became behaving strangely, and some swore they could hear their dead colleague's voice. Most quickly left, searching for new jobs.
Three days later, Lilith rolled into town.
She heard the stories going around town and headed in. Eventually she managed to communicate with Patterson. However, Patterson had control of the whole electrical system in the building. Still reeling from his death, he was making grandiose threats. Lilith made a decision, and ended up exorcising him. He ended up in her laptop, much to his dismay. Lilith briefly contemplated destroying it, but eventually opted to keep Patterson. Laptops are expensive, after all.
Electronic equipment control: Patterson, if he wasn't sealed in the laptop, would be able to move to and control any electronic equipment in the area. He still has a small influence, but he needs to be plugged in to exercise any real control, and when it's unplugged he immediately moves back.
Electricity: Patterson can control electricity. He usually limits it to static shocks, but if he worked up enough vigor he could probably put someone out of commission (though with detriment to the laptop).
Internet: Patterson has high speed Internet, all the time. It's very handy.
-Lilith and Patterson would probably have what qualified as a romantic relationship if one of them didn't live in a laptop.
-Patterson hates his first name. Like, a lot.
-If you turn the laptop off, he simply goes to sleep. He thinks he dreams, but also thinks that's pretty stupid, machines don't dream. If you destroy the laptop, he dies.
-While Patterson's existence is technically not a secret, he prefers to keep quiet around new people. You have to be careful when you're so easily destroyed.

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