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The Rest of Chapter Six

After about a ten minute car ride and following the directions on a Halloween invitation Caleb pulled up to what looked to be a large white mansion next to a large patch of woods, the house being heavily decorated for Halloween as endless cars were parked around the house and even some in the woods. As Caleb and Rosina got out of the car the first thing they noticed were the different colored strobe lights shining through the broken windows with people dancing inside the house, thick cobwebs nailed over the broken windows and even on the outside walls with large fake spiders everywhere.

On the right side of the house was a large section which was taped off by yellow crime scene tape which cars weren't allowed to park, because there was a massive graveyard which someone had put together with a fog machine sending thick, slow dancing fog to travel throughout the graveyard. Rosina smiled instantly as her and Caleb walked towards the front door, the brunette opening it as loud music could be heard. She stepped inside as Caleb stood there, the Vampire looking down and cursing at himself for not thinking this through. How was he supposed to get inside the party?

"What's wrong?" Rosina asked after turning around and seeing that Caleb wasn't following her. Caleb was about to respond until a drunk female who was dressed as a french maid bumped into him from behind, the Vampire stumbling into the house. He looked towards the doorway in shock, realizing a few moments later this mansion was abandoned with no owner living in it. Caleb looked back over to Rosina, a smile on his face as he walked over to her.

"Nothing. Let's go and party." Caleb responded as he took her hand and began to walk towards the dance floor. Up against the far right wall was a DJ blasting music throughout the mansion as over a hundred people were dancing, their bodies pressed up against each others as the multicolored strobe lights danced randomly in the giant room. On the left side of the room was an monstrous bar which people were serving themselves drinks and food, which Rosina was going to check out later as she let Caleb guide her to the dance floor. She was about to dance until her eyes traveled to the immense staircase where Jesse stood, his gaze piercing both Caleb and Rosina as his fists tightened in anger.

"I'll be right back." Rosina said as she looked back over towards Caleb, who nodded and watched her get sucked into the crowd. His eyes followed in the direction where Rosina was walking towards and saw Jesse on the staircase, the two males locking eyes.

"This should be interesting." Caleb muttered, beginning to make his way towards the staircase as well.

"Hey." Rosina said as she finally made her way up to Jesse. The male wore a white dress shirt which wasn't buttoned that revealed a blue Superman shirt underneath, wearing black dress pants, dress shoes and even fake black glasses which had plastic as the lenses. Rosina thought Jesse looked really good and was hoping that he would have the same reaction as her when he saw her costume, but Rosina saw the rage in Jesse's eyes, and for a split second she thought she saw the turquoise in his eyes turn a golden yellow.

"Why did you bring him?" Jesse asked in anger as he looked over to Rosina.

"I'd figured it would be wrong to exclude him from a party." Rosina explained. "I didn't want him to feel left out."

"You know how him and I feel about each other."

"Well you have your other friends here to hang out with, and I have no one. If Caleb didn't come with me then I would be sitting alone while you were with your other friends." Rosina responded defensively.

"That's not true." Jesse shook his head. "I would had introduced you to my friends."

"Everything okay here?" Caleb asked as he stepped next to Rosina. "Nice 'Clark Kent' costume. Very original."

"I could say the same for you, Vampire. Don't you think Vampires are overused far too much, Rosina? You were the one who even told me you liked Werewolves better." Jesse challenged as he looked back towards Rosina after him and Caleb were glaring when the Vampire approached.

"Will the two of you just stop?" Rosina asked in annoyance just as three over people their age joined their little group on the stairs.

"Everything okay here Jesse?" The female from the new group of three asked, being accompanied by two males.

"Everything is fine Sabrina." Jesse responded. The girl who spoke had wavy long blonde hair and piercing hazel eyes, the girl having a beautiful slender body as she wore a gothic Red Riding Hood costume with ripped fishnet stockings, black four inched high heels and was holding a picnic basket with what looked to be like plastic bloodied wolf body parts. The one male standing next to her looked to be the same height as Jesse, having ginger colored hair, emerald colored eyes and had a built body. He was dressed as the Green Arrow from the show Smallville, a compound bow in his left hand while a brown quiver full of silver arrows were strapped to his back.

The third male was about two inches shorter than Jesse but didn't lack in his muscles, having black hair which went down to the nap of his neck and dark brown eyes. He was dressed as Impulse from the show Smallville as well, wearing bright red pants with red Converse sneakers, a red shirt, two red arm bands and a red designed vest which matched the character.

"Are you going to introduce us to your friends?" The male dressed as the Green Arrow asked Jesse.

"He isn't my friend, Austin." Jesse responded, though Austin smirked as he looked from Caleb to Rosina. "I'm Austin, and these two are Kevin and Sabrina. Welcome to the party."

"Yes, please go make yourselves feel right at home and have fun." Kevin added.

"My name is Rosina, and this is my friend Caleb." Rosina responded with a smile, the brunette trying her best to ignore Jesse's glare. She had no idea the male would get this furious about Caleb coming to the party...

"Ah, so you're the famous 'Rosina'." Sabrina said with a smirk as she circled around Rosina slowly, as if trying to intimidate her. "Jesse has told us all about you, and Caleb of course."

"Jesse never mentioned you guys before." Rosina spoke, looking over to Jesse. It was then that she noticed that Jesse, Austin and Kevin were dressed up as the superheros from the show Smallville, a small frown coming onto her face due to the fact after all this time Rosina had lived in Delaware that Jesse never introduced her to his friends.

"Why aren't you dressed as a superhero like the others? Seems like you guys stick together as a pack or something." Caleb finally spoke to Sabrina.

"A pack? Well I guess you can say that." Sabina responded with a playful giggle, looking over to Jesse as her sapphire eyes turned a golden yellow for a few seconds before returning back to normal, the blonde looking back over to Caleb and Rosina. "I never really liked superheros, so I chose one of my favorite characters from my favorite story. I just love wolves."

"I bet all of you guys love wolves." Caleb commented as he looked from each face, Rosina slightly shifting awkwardly when Caleb and Jesse began to glare at each other once again.

"They're a lot better than Vampires." Kevin added.

"Yeah. A Werewolf can kick a Vampire's butt any day." Austin snickered.

"I personally think Vampires are the stronger breed." Caleb said as he looked over to Rosina. "So who do you think would win in a fight? A Werewolf or a Vampire?"

"I, uhh... I don't know." Rosina responded with a shrug. "Both have their advantages and disadvantages."

"My answer is that Werewolves are the dominant breed." Jesse added his own comment.

"Is that so?" Caleb asked as he took a step closer, to which Sabrina, Austin and Kevin quickly stood in front of Jesse as if guarding him.

"Let's dance." Rosina quickly said as she took Caleb's hand and guided him down the stairs.

"Have a good time." Sabrina called out sarcastically, though Rosina and Caleb didn't look back as they disappeared into the thick crowd. Sabrina, Kevin and Austin turned back to Jesse, angry expressions on all three of their faces.

"Why is that Vampire here at the party? He reeks of death." Austin growled.

"If he's a Vampire then what if he was the one who killed Coral?" Kevin added. "You even said weeks ago that when you met Caleb for the first time that you smelt something familiar about him, which we figured out was the same scent Coral had on her when we had to go identify her body at the morgue. I mean sure, she would smell like death and everything, but this was a different kind of death. It was the smell of a Vampire, and Caleb is the only Vampire we know of."

"We don't have any evidence that Caleb was the Vampire who killed Rebecca's mother though." Jesse reminded the group.

"If I do find out that Caleb was the one who murdered my twin sister then I'm going to rip him limb from limb." Austin snarled as the emerald in his eyes flashed gold, two pairs of thick fangs appearing on both the top and bottom of his mouth where the two sets of canine teeth were supposed to be.

"Calm down! You'll make a scene." Sabrina said as she laced her fingers with Austin's, who took a deep breath as his eyes and teeth went back to normal.

"Guys, just enjoy the party and we'll figure out everything tomorrow." Jesse said, the group nodding as Sabrina laced her fingers through Kevin's as well and guided both males to the dance floor.

"By the way Jesse, she isn't worth it." Sabrina called out over her shoulder before disappearing into the crowd with the two males. Jesse sighed, finding Rosina and Caleb in the crowd below and saw the two dancing together to the pounding music. Like everyone else, their bodies were pressed together as they danced, to which Jesse's eyes flashed yellow angrily. He thought that Rosina was actually trying to make him jealous, when in reality she just wanted to have fun and was planning on telling Jesse how she felt about him towards the end of the night. Jesse had no idea however, deciding he would play the game he thought Rosina was playing as he made his way towards the dance floor, his eyes returning back to normal as he smirked.

"I think you need a drink." Caleb yelled over the loud music as Rosina laughed.

"Are you trying to get me drunk already?"

"Maybe. I'll be the one driving you home so go ahead and drink." Caleb responded with a snicker.

"Fine." Rosina laughed, the two walking towards the bar where people were playing drinking games. After about an hour of Rosina and Caleb playing all different kinds of drinking games with other people from the college the two traveled back to the dance floor together, and even though Caleb decided to have a few drinks as well, he wasn't as drunk as Rosina was. The brunette was giggling and laughing at everything, to which Caleb thought was the most hilarious thing as the two danced.

"You really are a happy drunk." Caleb laughed.

"I told you." Rosina giggled, wrapping her arms around Caleb's neck as he did the same with her waist, their bodies pressing together and dancing just as all of the other college students were doing with each other. Rosina's slightly fuzzy gaze fell to the other side of the dance floor where she saw Sabrina, Kevin and Austin dancing together. Sabrina was in the middle of the two males while their bodies were pressed up against hers, Austin nibbling the side of Sabrina's neck from the front of her while Kevin nibbled on the other side of her neck from behind as they danced, Caleb following Rosina's gaze.

"What a little wh*re." Caleb commented.

"I know." Rosina agreed, her gaze falling over to Jesse who was a few feet away. He was on the dance floor with another girl who wore an Angel costume, her hair being dyed purple as the two began to grind heavily against each other. Jesse's eyes met Rosina's for a few moments before he looked back over to the girl he was grinding with and placed both hands on her face, the male connecting his lips with hers as she fell into it instantly, the two locked in a hungry kiss. It felt like Rosina's whole world came crashing down as she stopped dancing with Caleb, Jesse opening his eyes to look at Rosina again as he continued to kiss the girl.

"What's wrong?" Caleb asked when Rosina suddenly stopped dancing and saw the tears in her eyes, the Vampire following her gaze where he saw Jesse making out with a girl while looking at Rosina. By now Rosina's tanned skin had gone completely pale as Caleb's jaw clenched in anger, Jesse focusing back on the girl he was making out with as he closed his eyes and began to allow his hands to wander her body.

"Oh my God..." Rosina whispered to herself.

"Come on. We'll go somewhere quiet." Caleb offered, taking Rosina's hand and guiding her across the dance floor towards the stairs, the two walking up them and into the first bedroom on the left. The two stepped inside as Caleb closed the door, the Vampire turning back to Rosina who was leaning up against the wall and looked down towards the hardwood floor. He walked over to her as he forced his eyes and teeth back to normal, Caleb standing right in front of the brunette.

"I can't believe he did that." Rosina said, bringing Caleb to place his cold fingers underneath Rosina's chin and gently tilted her head up so the two could lock eyes. "What happened to your contacts and fake fangs?" Rosina forced out against the lump forming in her throat.

"I put everything away in my pocket." Caleb responded. "Listen to me, Rosina... I would never do anything like that to hurt you. What Jesse just did is the biggest mistake he will ever make, because any guy would be so lucky to be with you." The two stared at each other for a few moments, not even realizing the king sized bed with ruby colored blankets and pillows were only a few feet away as Caleb slowly connected his lips with Rosina's, though she leaned back to look at him.

"Do you really mean that? That a guy would be lucky to be with me?" Rosina whispered, to which Caleb nodded in response. Rosina leaned forward and connected her lips with Caleb's then, the brunette instantly pulling the Vampire closer to her as he pressed his body hard against hers. She let out a sigh of pleasure, Caleb nibbling Rosina's neck and making his way down her collarbone while slipping his hands over her hips.

"Do you want me?" Caleb whispered in Rosina's ear, his hands beginning to slip underneath the thin fabric covering her chest.

"Yes." Rosina whispered back.

"And this time we won't stop?" Caleb asked, beginning to kiss her chest. Rosina's eyes finally found the large bed a few feet away, taking Caleb's hand and guiding him towards the bed.

"We won't stop." Rosina responded, pushing off Caleb's shirt where it fell to the dusty floor and eased him onto the bed, the Vampire laying down as Rosina hovered over him. She began to kiss his lower stomach and worked her way up to his bare chest, the brunette biting down against his soft skin as he sighed in pleasure, the Vampire's breathing heavy the whole time Rosina was kissing his body. The two rolled over together as Caleb ended up on top of Rosina, the blonde Vampire gently pinning her arms above her head and kissed her neck while pushing his hips into her opened legs, the brunette sighing and moaning in pleasure.

Caleb reached down and was about to pull down the zipper to his jeans when the bedroom door suddenly opened however, the two looking as Sabrina, Kevin and Austin walked into the bedroom. The group of three seemed startled at first when seeing they had company, though they quickly recovered as Sabrina smirked.

"Ah, I was right about you. I knew you were too cheap to be with an amazing guy like Jesse." Sabrina spoke as Caleb got off of Rosina and retrieved his shirt, to which Rosina stood up from the bed.

"Says the girl who is about to have a threesome." Rosina responded coldly, looking at Austin and Kevin.

"Let's just say the three of us have a powerful animal instinct which is pretty much impossible to ignore." Kevin responded with a smirk.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Jesse asked as he stepped inside the room, silver lip gloss from the girl he was kissing faintly being seen on his lips.

"The three of us were about to have some fun until we found those two in here." Austin responded as he referred to Rosina and Caleb. "Looks like they were having a party of their own."

"I'm not staying at this stupid party any longer. I hope you and that girl have fun together." Rosina growled as she began to walk towards the door.

"We should talk..." Jesse offered.

"No. I have nothing to say to you." Rosina responded, though when she got to the doorway with Caleb following she suddenly stopped, glaring over to Jesse. "Actually, I do have something to tell you. Everyone out of the room. Now."

"You can't tell us what to do." Sabrina challenged.

"But I can. Everyone get out of the room." Jesse said. Sabrina stared Jesse down for a few moments before letting out a growl, the blonde shoving passed Rosina before getting out of the room as Austin and Kevin followed. Caleb remained standing there however, bringing Rosina to look at him.

"I'll meet you at the car." Caleb slowly nodded at Rosina's words, the Vampire glaring at Jesse before leaving the room as well. Rosina closed the door and looked towards Jesse, who had a rock solid look on his face. "Do you know what I was planning on doing tonight? I was going to have fun, let you hang with your friends since you haven't been able to hang out with them that much lately because of you taking care of Rebecca, and then pull you aside during the night to tell you how I really felt about you."

"What are you talking about?" Jesse asked, his face still hardened.

"I chose you, Jesse! I wanted to be with you because you're the one who I fell in love with! I was going to tell you that tonight, and finally make us official." Rosina's tears from before slid down her face as Jesse's hardened expression was replaced by complete shock, his eyes widening as he looked at her.

"You... were going to choose me? But... but when you brought Caleb here, I thought..."

"That I brought him here to make you jealous?" Rosina gasped, a new hurt written in her eyes. "I would never do that to you! I only brought him here because I'm a good friend!"

"I didn't know." Jesse spoke as he took a step closer but Rosina stepped back, shaking her head as more tears slid down her face.

"So you just assumed that I brought him here to make you jealous, to which you made the decision to get me back by making out with that other girl. You wanted to hurt me intentionally." The brunette hissed.

"I'm so sorry Rosina. P-please forgive me. I promise to never do a stupid thing like that again." Jesse begged.

"No. After what you just did honestly shattered my heart into a million pieces. Don't talk to me, don't come over my house, and don't talk to me during work unless absolutely necessary because you and I aren't friends anymore." Rosina turned the doorknob and opened the door before storming out of the room, the brunette running down the stairs and out of the house where Caleb waited leaning against his car. The two got in and left the party, leaving Jesse to continue standing in the bedroom in shock as Rosina's words sank in.
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