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*parades in and dumps a load of characters at your feet*

Name: Ajax Vale
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human, but he has a demon “living” inside of him. It attempted to possess him but he proved more powerful so it simply resides in the background. Because of this Ajax has some enhanced skills that exceed a human’s which I will list in the abilities section below.
Affiliation: Since he’s a Demon Hunter, he’s all for secrecy. He would much rather have the Fae and humans stick in their own little worlds with few mishaps but unfortunately such cannot be.
Appearance: Ajax doesn’t look incredibly out of place for a human, not exactly normal but not bad enough to draw lots of attention to himself. He stands at about 5’11”, with broad shoulders and a wiry frame. Don’t let his thinness fool you though, he’s very quick and flexible and his strength is something to be reckoned with. He has a sharp face framed by black hair that is pulled into a long ponytail that reaches his mid-back. His left eye is obscured by an eyepatch with a rune drawn on it and his other eye is a pale blue. Usually Ajax wears black, fitted clothes so that he has no loose fabrics getting caught on anything, even though he does have a long black jacket covering his torso.
Ajax also unintentionally intimidates the people he comes across. It’s the eyepatch and the fact that he has a rather serious, no-nonsense expression on his face 90% of the time. The fact that he usually doesn’t hang around any people does not help at all.
Personality: Just because Ajax is considered stoic and severe by nearly everyone he meets doesn’t mean that he’s like that all the time. There are some occasions where he can be smiling and joking or just plain not-scowling as if he’s irritated with something. Ajax is a very serious person though, especially when it comes to his job, which is why he works on his own because every partner he’s ever had eventually got fed up with him and demanded a transfer. This suited Ajax just fine since he doesn’t like partners anyway, he finds them incompetent and they always get in his way or hamper him in his work. He likens having a partner to having to babysit them, which he most certainly has no time or patience for. His dislike of anybody being constantly stuck around with him only strengthens his annoyance for Xezalka.
History: Ajax was, and still is, infamous for being one of the best demon hunters in the whole organization, surprising for his young age. He had a natural affinity for weapons and a higher ESP than normal, letting him detect and track down supernatural entities much faster than anyone else. He rose quickly through the ranks and earned himself quite the reputation among hunters and demons alike. This inevitably led to plots against him by many of the earthbound demons, which almost killed him.
He had been called out on a mission to a church, where a powerful demon was supposedly lurking and killing anyone who came through the door. The only thing was that Ajax did not go through the door, as was planned, because the moment he got there he sensed a powerful presence in the churchyard, in one of the graves, and realized that something was trapped in there. He ran into the churchyard instead and began digging up the grave, desperately to see if it was some benevolent creature that the demons had imprisoned to draw the Fae and other creatures to them. When he uncovered the coffin it was shaking, as if the thing trapped inside was thrashing around wildly to break free, but the wood was covered in runes and chains, all of them locked tight and sealed. Ajax quickly jumped down and used an iron dagger to break the lock, but by this point the demons had figured out what he was doing and five of them came rushing out of the church and attacked him, catching him by surprise and almost tearing him apart. Ajax tried to fight back but he was immediately overwhelmed and just before he passed out he noticed that there was an ominous red light coming from the coffin…
Then, suddenly a voice came to him, a deep, resonating voice that asked if he wanted to live. It told Ajax that if he wanted to live, then he had to let voice inside of him. At first Ajax refused, but he realized that he did not want to die so he eventually caved and agreed. A roar immediately descended upon his senses and when he came to he found himself lying on the ground, his injuries healed and the bodies of the demons scattered across the yard. But he couldn’t move, something was in him and trying to take control of his mind and body. Ajax immediately knew that the thing he had made a deal with was a demon, and he fought back with all of the strength and skills that he had been taught. It was a long battle, but thanks to the iron necklace that he wore as protection and his own strength he was able to subdue the demon and take control of his body. But he could only see out of one eye. When assessing the damage he saw that his left eye had turned a deep crimson color instead of its normal blue, and there were a bunch of shapes in it, like some sort of rune. The demon had entered his body through that eye, which had killed it in the process and now the creature was housed in there. It introduced itself as Xezalka, a former demon lord who had been conspired against by his underlings and rival lords. Because they could not kill him (the only thing able to harm demons being iron, which they could not touch) they locked him away in a prison which he could not escape and sealed him away in a church so no demon or other creature could accidently stumble across him. Now he was trapped in Ajax; the demon hunter immediately wanted him removed but because he had made a pact with him the removal would also result in Ajax’s death. Both parties were frustrated, Xezalka demanding the control he had been promised and Ajax wanting him gone.
Surprisingly, no one suspected a thing when Ajax came back with one of his eyes wrapped over with a cloth and claiming that a demon had done it. Of course he would have been removed due to disabilities if he had not persisted, and with his newfound powers that Xezalka brought with him he managed to remain with the hunters. However the demon still tries to possess him at times, but they’ve both begun to work together, Xezalka for revenge against those who had conspired against him (not to mention he needs his body to-be in good shape so of course he's going to help protect it) and Ajax because he was still a demon hunter.
Having a demon reside in him has given Ajax a few new abilities, even though the demon is not in control.
Night Vision – Ajax can see just as well in the dark as he can in the daylight.
Improved Senses – He has a greater sense of hearing and smell, and he’s more sensitive to movement.
Improved Strength – He’s a bit stronger than humans (not incredibly so, not near as much as a vampire or other supernatural creatures) and also a bit faster, with a greater endurance.
Demon Sight – Ajax can now see entities that would normally be invisible to the human eye, like spirits and demon/Fae that can hide themselves from sight. He can also see any runes which are supposed to be invisible.
Restrained Power – That eyepatch isn’t just to hide his eye, the rune on it holds back some of Xezalka’s powers, and keeps the demon in place so he can’t suddenly go rampaging around Ajax’s body in a moment of weakness. It’s set so that only Ajax can remove it, and when he does his powers suddenly increase enormously and he usually goes into his Demon Mode.

Demon Mode lets Xezalka take control of him for a while, but it doesn’t last for too long because then Xezalka will get too powerful and Ajax wouldn’t be able to take back control of his body. In it, Ajax’s body glows with a red light and his eyes turn to flames, a pair of horns grow out of his head and he gains a pair of wings. He moves much faster and can perform the same dark magic that demons can, he basically has the powers of a demon except he’s still in a human body. He can’t use any of Ajax’s iron or steel weapons, but can use the silvers one, but prefers to fight with his claws.

As a demon hunter Ajax carries around a variety of weapons, daggers made of iron and silver and steel, a one-handed sword that he carries slung across his back and a rapid firing crossbow that fires iron or silver tipped arrows (if you’ve ever seen Van Hellsing you know what I mean). He also carries little clay tablets which can only be used once due to their fragility, some inscribed with runes for attack and some for protection. He also wears a necklace covered with iron arrowheads, for warding off demon and Fae and it helps keep Xezalka’s powers repressed.
Other: Because of the rune on the eyepatch, Xezalka’s presence is virtually undetectable, hence why Ajax has gone under the radar for so long.

Name: Ashfinger, shortened to Ash
Age: 157
Gender: Male
Race: Mawr Cattân – a Fae creature that can take the form of a human when it wishes. Their true forms are giant cats, wearing armor and may or may not be on fire sometimes.
Affiliation: He works for his people, who are all for secrecy.
Appearance: In human form, Ash is tall and slender, graceful as one would say. He has a wicked grin almost all the time and his eyes are just ever so slanted, with yellow irises. Sometimes when he’s angry his pupils turn into slits, like a cat’s. His hair is an almost golden blond and reaches his shoulders in messy curls that he doesn’t seem to bother to tame. He has the look of someone who is perpetually up to something, leading other to be a little suspicious of him at all times. No matter what else he wears, he always has on a long black coat which hides the whip that hangs on his waist. Since Ash prefers physical fighting his doesn’t have much else on him except a pair of steel toed boots, but his fighting skills are all but unmatched. Strangely though, he always wears a pair of white gloves, although he never tells anyone why.

In his true form Ash resembles a lynx, except it’s about seven feet tall and twice as long and has a long tail. His fur is a bright orange-gold and it ripples in the light, giving off the illusion of flickering flames. He also wears armor that is inscribed all over with runes, they cover his head and all the way down his spine, and along the front of his legs. It’s an enchanted armor that only the mawr cattân know how to make, it flexes with their body to allow them greater dexterity, and it is completely fireproof and can pop out blades on a certain command. They never take this armor off, and it morphs into their human form with them. The armor itself doesn’t show up, but the runes on them become tattoos all over the human’s body. The mawr cattân are best known for being able to set themselves on fire at will and being able to control fire, which is their greatest strength.
Personality: Ash is a bit of a daredevil, loving thrills and anything exciting. Therefore he hates being stuck in one place with nothing interesting to do for long periods of time, but to remedy this he purposely passes himself off as some sort of sly schemer, making other frightened and suspicious of him and thus, easier to scare. He sort of “plays” with people to relieve himself of his own boredom, thus making his a little unlikeable to those who don’t know him very well, although he’s actually very amicable. You just need to know how to take a joke and know that he doesn’t really mean a lot of the things that he says.
History: Ash has been working on and off for the agents keeping the Fae a secret for quite some years, sometimes he assisted them with hunting down rogue creatures and other times he works with other Fae who venture into the human world and help hide them. Which is how he’s landed at his current job, working as a body guard for a model named Reine, who happens to be a Fae as well. He doesn’t quite hate his job, but finds it rather boring, but at least Reine isn’t a bad person. He just wishes that there’d be more action though, and with the recent murders happening then he just might get his wish…
Weapons/Abilities: He only carries a whip, which he usually sets on fire. Other than that he uses physical combat and his control over fire to fight people.
Feline Grace – Ash is quicker, more flexible and much more graceful than any human. Because of this he has catlike qualities, for example he can jump from great heights and not be harmed, he can jump greater distances and has a much greater balance. He also has a stronger endurance.
Fire – Ash can control fire and often uses it as a weapon.
Longer Life – Since he’s a Fae he by default has a stretched life, although he’s one of the few Fae creatures that aren’t immortal through age. Most mawr cattân live to be about a thousand before they die.
Touch of Ash – Earning him his name, whatever he touches with his bare hands sears and then crumbles to ash. This is a side effect of taking a human form and cannot be controlled in any way, so he wears special fireproof gloves so this doesn’t happen.
Improved Senses – Ash can see well in the dark and had better sight and hearing than a human.

Name: Corvina Raenwood
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Werecrow. At the light of the full moon she does turn into a rampaging half crow half human she-beast, but other than that she can turn into a crow or any form in-between human and crow. Like all were—animals, she is harmed by silver and the touch actually burns her.
Affiliation: Secrecy, she works as a spy and an eye in the sky for those investigating the recent deaths. She spends most of her time following potential suspects and those who might become victims.
Appearance: Corvina doesn’t have much of an attention seeking appearance. She’s just about 5’7”, with dark hair styled in a chin-length bob cut, with dark brown eyes that almost looks black. Most of the time she has a little fluffy black feather at the corners of each of her eyes, which most people assume is just decoration. She wears a little black dress along with black pumps, although she would much rather walk around barefoot. A pair of iron earrings are hidden in her hair, shaped like little daggers. All of the jewelry she wears is steel or iron, either sharp pointed or inscribed with invisible runes to help make them a weapon. Even the back of her pumps have very small blades attached to them.

She can turn into a crow, and any form in between. When she fights she usually goes into an anthromorphic form, with a human shaped body but with a crow’s head, a pair of wings growing out of her back, and her feet curling into sharp talons.
Personality: Corvina is a rock in a storm, to use the expression. When things seem to be going chaotic and everyone else is panicking, she is the one who remains calm and steady to soothe everyone else. Even though she has a serene, almost mystical quality about her and a confidence that could easily make others follow her, she prefers to stay in the sidelines and watch things from a safe distance. She is an observer, taking in everything and missing nothing, just as if she was on job duty. The only time she seems to lose her composure is during the full moon, when she becomes a raging monster that tried to kill everything that moves. She secludes herself before this can happen though, so no one really thinks about it.
History: Way back when she was fourteen, Corvina was a relatively normal girl living a normal life. She loved nature walks, reading, and was a generally quiet person unknown to many. Even she didn’t think much of herself until she was walking in the woods one day and found a crow lying in her path, shot through with an arrow. It was still struggling trying to fly way, but when he ran over to pick it up it screamed and clawed at her in a pain-driven rage. Bloodied and frightened of the inconsolable bird, and the fact that she was also afraid of coming across the person who shot it, she ran off back to her house. She quickly cleaned the wounds on her arms and bandaged them, but they were still quite sore, and over the few days she began feeling worse and worse. At first Corvina thought that she had the rabies, somehow catching it from a bird, but when the full moon came she suddenly turned into a hideous half-bird beast and came crashing out of her house to go on a terrorizing rampage through her city.
Luckily for her though, she was found by a hunter known as Jema who quickly subdued her and managed to take her to his headquarters. He was the man who had originally shot the crow, and when Corvina was back to normal he explained that it had been a werecrow that had been responsible for a recent string of murders in the community. After he had killed the crow with a silver arrow he stayed around for the full moon to see if the beast had infected anyone with the were-virus before it died, and sure enough Corvina showed up. Jema took her in and said that no matter how much she liked it or not, she now had connections to a secret society where supernatural creatures do indeed exist, and even if she wanted to live her life regularly there would always be people or Fae wanting to recruit her for whatever side they wanted her to be on. He trained her in the art of hunting those who want to reveal the secret of these creatures to the world, either to enslave humans or whatever purposes they had in mind. Because she is a were-animal, Corvina naturally became associated with the vampire hunters, where many more of her kind resided. However due to her general mellowness and her adverseness to fighting she is used for spying and recon than battle.
Weapons/Abilities: All of Corvina’s jewelry can be used as a weapon of some sort, since she can’t carry a noticeable weapon with her on her spying missions. All of here decorations are either made from iron or steel; she has a pair of iron earrings shaped into daggers which are hidden in her hair, and necklace or interlocking iron pieces that can detach into a handful of throwing spikes. Her steel bracelets are engraved with runes for protection and harming any Fae that touches them, she wears a ring that contains a piece of jade in it for protection, and the heels of her shoes have tiny steel blade attached to then. There is also a small iron knife strapped to the inside of her thigh, in case things really get nasty. Other than that she uses her beak, which is razor sharp, her claws, and her strength.

Enhanced Strength- Corvina is not only stronger, but also faster and has a better reflex time than ordinatry humans. She also has a great balance and gracefulness to her.
Bird’s-Eye View – She can also see much better
Transforming – She can turn into a crow or any sort of half form that she pleases
Flying – You all saw this coming
Other: (Anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else in the SU)

Name: Lyceina Astaravkiulaet
Age: 346
Gender: Female
Race: Ocul – a race of Fae creatures that can walk through mirrors and often use them to travel. They all look exactly like humans, except for their eyes, which can be any color and has no pupil to it.
Affiliation: Whatever her king says
Appearance: (Simple paragraph describing you character’s appearance, if they have multiple forms, please describe them as well—this applies to mythological creatures who need a human disguise.)
Personality: (Simple paragraph describing how your character acts)
History: (Some basic background on your character; paragraph minimum)
Weapons/Abilities: (Does your character carry weapons? Know magic? That kind of thing? Put that down here)
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