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The tricky Zoroark had been defeated. To your amazement the world started to fall apart. With the room now crumbling you grab Poochyena and head back towards Munna. Munna looked worn out but she knew she had to get you out of her nightmare. As began to glow you rushed over with Poochyena in your arms. The little Pichu however did not follow it waved goodbye while rushing out of the house.

You wake up in the middle of the forrest on Route 3. You dont know how long you have been there, but you remember everything about the dream. Had you just been in Munnas nightmare. If so what about Poochyena ! as you fumble around your belt you see a single pokeball. You sit up and reach for the ball. As you pick it up you breath a sigh of relief Poochyena had made it back with you. As you get up you also notice

Zayna finds a friendball on the ground.

You then notice the little Munna floating a feet away

Its finally that time !!!! Write a paragraph about the battle or capture !

Trainer: Zayna
Currently: Getting back to reality, WOOT!

*Obtained Friend Ball!*

Was... was it really over?

I glanced around my surroundings, feeling almost as I was still in a dream. But I wasn't--everything was back to the way it was. My Pokemon were here... The trees were alive again... This was the same exact spot that I had originally fought Munna.

I guffawed. A relief that I couldn't even begin to describe settled on me. I had never been so thankful to be alive.

I smiled at the Munna, who drifted nearby, "Thanks for your help, Munna. I'm glad we could escape that nightmare."

It grinned at me, slowly tipping its head in a nod. Yet it lingered... as if presenting itself for capture. It was giving me a second chance? I smiled back at it, excited at the thought of adding it to my team; we seemed to have a connection already.

"Okay, Munna--I'll give it my best shot. Don't hold back!" I reached for one of my Poke Balls and released Critter for rematch.

The battle than ensued was quick--I had my Boldore lead with Stealth Rock, making it difficult for the Munna to maneuver. That ended up turning around and biting me in the rear, however, as Munna used its Secret Power to fire the rocks back at Critter. His sturdiness secured his saftey, however, and he was able to retaliate with Rock Blast. Munna got in a Psywave that disoriented Critter for a brief moment, but he was able to get in a finishing blow with Smack Down.

After that was said and done, I pulled out my last Quick Ball and threw it at the Munna, praying for the best.

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