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Default Re: Breaking New Ground

I love the colors in this! You've made a clear, concise and crisp picture without using actual outlines, and instead using the backdrop of other colors to give us a clear view of that Sewaddle. He looks as he should--like a caterpillar in a leaf burrito--and the details are mostly right. The background is also clear and colorful, and you even took the time to add those little flowers in the background. You used the tree in the front to add a bit of depth to the picture, too. I like that. However, I noticed that you didn't use shading or texture in this. There's no clear light source and Sewaddle looks like he's made of the same stuff as his surroundings, which makes less interesting. Sewaddle himself is missing his leaf lines and some of his belly lines, making him slightly imperfect (though I am being picky; I realize that your style doesn't allow for fine lines). The background is also a bunch of parallel wavy lines that don't really give much for depth or interest; it's sort of the same boring horizon over and over.

Overall, this is adorable, colorful, and fun, and definitely worth a lot more than the easy grade you were going for. I think you should give your stuff some shading and depth, as well as putting some texture into the grass and on Sewaddle himself. The background layers need to be 'staggered' somewhat to make it look less like one of those Play-Doh cookie cutter wheels and more likes hills and bushes, etc.

Score: 45/100. You really did a lot more than you had to with this, which is wonderful. This also means that Sewaddle is caught! Congrats. :3


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