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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Official's Post

Hiiro rushed in to the tall grass after the Meowth. Twenty feet in strong blast of air swept through the tall grass. The powerful blast of air knocked him to the ground. As he got back up he noticed Meowth flying threw the air. He jumped up just in time to catch him.

A wild Pidgey has appeared

Write a paragraph about the battle or capture.
Trainer: Hiiro Tatsuya
Party: [Zorua] [Shiro]
Currently: Route 1
Sidequest: Stacy's Bet

"You're just a little tyke, but you can whip up a damn powerful of an air blast! I like it. You're going to be part of my team Pidgey! Zorua, you can take a rest. Shiro, you're up next. Let's see how strong you actually are, shall we?" Hiiro looked down at Shiro.

Well, you asked for this. Besides, that little pigeon over there messed up my fur earlier! Time for a little payback!

I just hope he doesn't embarrass himself...

"Okay Shiro, listen carefully! Start out with a Fake Out, that should be able to stop Pidgey from moving first turn. Followed it up with a Screech to lower its defenses! Pair that up with Fury Swipes! It should be able to do a good amount of damage to Pidgey, good enough for us to capture it!" Hiiro said.

Shiro ran up to the opponent and clapped its paws together. When it clapped, a large shockwave of air came bursting out and pushed the unaware Pidgey back a little, causing it to flinch. While taking this opportunity, Shiro quickly opened his mouth and released thin yellow circles, projecting them directly at the Pidgey, causing a loud, piercing noise that made it cover the side of its head with its feathery wings. Looked it Pidgey was on the bad side of the table, not to be able to recover from the earlier Fake Out, it quickly got subdued to this loud, piercing noise. But it was not over, yet. Shiro closed in to Pidgey before it could recover and take flight into the air, where it could turn the entire battle around, and...

Pidgey rolled back even further into the dirt ground, and hit against the bark of a nearby tree. It laid there, taking heavy breaths, and exhausted.

"Join my team, little fella. You shall grow even stronger than where you stand right now." Hiiro called out to Pidgey, as he threw a Pokeball towards the bird.

The Pokeball projected a thin red-like laser light which encapsulated the entire Pidgey, and absorbed it in. It dropped to the ground, and shook back and forth...

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