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Default Neku Sakuraba vs. Grassy_Aggron -- mutual forfeit.

Double Battle, 2 Pokemon Each
DQ: 3 Days
Damage Cap: ...What?
Restrictions: No OHKO moves -Includes Destiny Bond and Perish Song, no more than one Pokemon on each side can be asleep
Arena: Scramble Crossing:

The street in Shibuya that leads up to the 104 Building. It is very crowed, however, everyone seems to ignore you...

I'll be sending out...

[Iryūjonpiero] Mr. Mime (M)
Ability: Filter
Signature Move: N/A
Obtained: [Adoption Center]
Evolved: [Evolution Dojo]

[Leonardo] Smeargle (M)
Ability: Own Tempo
Signature Move: N/A
Obtained: [Adoption Center]

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