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Default [Mewtwo Invasion] Round 2 - Saraibre Ryu vs. Velocity (Judge: 3m0d0ll) -- Sabi wins.

Previous battles can be found here and here.

Prize: The winner will receive the Mewtwo medallion, $35, and two Vitamins/Items. Second place winner will receive $20 and a free Vitamin. The two non-Finalists will receive $10 and a randomly rolled item valued $25 or less.
Theme: Only Bug, Dark, and Ghost-types with no weakness to Psychic attacks may be used.
Restrictions: No signature moves, no Chills, you may not use the Pokemon you used for your Appeal.
Time Limit: 2 day DQ with no in-thread warning.
Arena: Desecrated Faraway Island Laboratory.
The smell of old smoke is all around the cracked and crumbling building. There is nothing but burnt stumps of what used to be tall, green trees in every direction. The charred clearing surrounds the abandoned Laboratory. Inside, there is shattered glass and strange machines all around. Knocked over tables, broken equipment, and a thin layer of strange opaque-green slime create a film over the dusty floor.
Sabi, your Pokemon, please.
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