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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Everything seemed to happen too quickly after Kiseki decided to eavesdrop on the two. He found out that Caroline had killed five college students only two days ago due to blood lust, which he had to admit shocked him - a lot. Not only the fact that she had done it, but more so that she had thought she couldn't tell him about it.

When Kevin suggested she feed on humans - despite the simple strategy he proposed which supposedly wouldn't hurt them - it was all Kiseki could do to keep himself from voicing his protest. He covered his own mouth with his hand and retreated behind the tree he had been watching them from behind, glaring at the bushes around him as he listened to them continue their conversation.

"I just can't imagine the others knowing about this... and about me killing five humans. What would Kiseki think if he ever found out? He would hate me..."

Kiseki's hand dropped back to his side as he leaned against the tree.

To think even after all of this time, she still thinks I could possibly hate her.

"No one could ever hate you." Kevin responded to the blonde's words shortly after Kiseki voiced his own opinion in his mind. "You're still the same loving, caring and bubbly person you've always been. We just have to get your blood lust under control."

"Let's go hunting then."

Kiseki was reluctant to follow the two when they left, but forced himself to do so. He shifted into the form of a raven to make it easier to avoid detection and followed the pair toward the neighboring cities.

He waited in a tree outside of the mall they went into, knowing that Caroline wouldn't attack someone in such a crowded place. When they finally left, he noticed that they were following a red haired teenage girl. Why had she picked someone so young...? Didn't that bother her?

His reluctance only grew when he saw the girl heading for the woods, where Caroline and Kevin followed. Perched on a nearby tree, he watched the blonde compel the girl into letting her drink her blood, and almost drinking her dry before getting herself back under control. If he had been in his normal form, Kiseki was sure the scent of the blood would have drawn out his own fangs.

The pure joy on Caroline's face when she had accomplished her task without killing the girl was enough to wash away Kiseki's previous negative feelings toward the situation, but what happened afterward changed that completely.

After Caroline hugged Kevin tightly in her excitement, the Original suddenly connected his lips with hers. If he had been in his real form, Kiseki wouldn't have been able to keep himself quiet this time. It was all he could do not to revert back and intervene - especially when he saw that Caroline wasn't resisting.

However, just as he was about to lose to his anger, Kevin pulled away and looked at the female Vampire in wonder.

"I umm... I need to go."

Kiseki heard Caroline's shaky voice come afterward, but long before she left the scene, he already had. He abandoned his raven form and used his Vampire speed to go back to the house. He knew that since Kevin had chased after Caroline, he probably should have too - something inside told him that it was a misunderstanding, but the anger that had come from it overruled them for the time being.

The aura that surrounded Kiseki when he came back through the front door alarmed Aiden and even Ichiru, who looked at him in question. The dark colors in his aura were very unlike him, which made their concern even greater.

"Kiseki? Did something happen?" Ichiru questioned as the door slammed behind his brother, who went straight for the stairs.

"No. Everything's fine." The tone in Kiseki's voice when he responded made it obvious that he was lying, and the wounded look in his eyes that didn't match the rage in his aura at all didn't help.

Kiseki didn't seem to care if these things were hidden or not, quickly disappearing upstairs to the room he and Caroline shared and closing the door behind him.

A heavy silence fell over the room afterward; even Aiden, who would normally find some way to make a joke about the situation, remained quiet for several moments. Kiseki's uncanny resemblance to Ichiru just then was almost frightening. However, it was this fact that let his twin know what had happened.

"I know that look..." He finally spoke softly after a few moments as he recalled the times when Ashley had broken up with him after being compelled by Damon and when he had caught her kissing Keiru before he left. "Something must have happened with Caroline."

"What could have possibly happened? Both of them are always so happy. I've never even seen them argue." Kotomi responded in confusion.

"I don't know. He probably wouldn't want to talk to anyone but her right now to sort out whatever happened if that is the case, though, so we should just leave him alone for now..."
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