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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

Name: Agana
Race: Breton
Sub-Race: vampire
Gender: female
Appearance: Agana is rather tall for a Breton, but still shorter than other races. She has red hair and bright orange-gold eyes. Her eyes glow in darkness due to her vampirism, which is also the cause of the color. She normally wears her Shrouded Robes, but can be seen in basic robes worn from those who are from the College if she needs to keep her ties with the Brotherhood secret.
Skills: Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Illusion, Sneak, Speech
Main Inventory: Shrouded Robes, Shrouded Hand Wraps, Shrouded Shoes, Shrouded Hood, assortment of Healing and Magicka Potions
Eligible Dragonborn: no
Hometown: unknown
Factions: Dark Brotherhood
Personality: Agana is a confident, intelligent, and friendly woman. She can be flirtatious one moment and then all business the next. When it comes to jobs she doesn't like to mess around and to get the job done correctly. If there's time to goof off afterwards then she's all for it. But even with her friendly exterior she tries not to get attached to people due to her vampirism. It is something that greatly upsets her, outliving all she cares about, but it is something she has learned to live with.
History: Much of Agana's memories from before she became a vampire are blurred. It's possible she made herself forget her life before, but as of now it is unclear if it was intentional or not. After becoming a vampire she was accepted into a clan of vampires and quickly rose in ranks. But after a few centuries passed there was a shift in power that she wasn't comfortable with so she left. She was hunted for a time, but since she had Nightblade training from before her vampirism she was hard to track down. Eventually the hunt was called off and she was free to do as she pleased.

She traveled all across Tamriel, making sure not to stay in one location for too long. It was hard finding a place that would accept her outside of her own kind, but she did eventually stumble onto the Dark Brotherhood. She had apparently killed one of their contracts, and after she repaid the debt with another kill she was invited to join their family. At first she was hesitant, but finding out that they didn't care she was a vampire it made it a bit easier to join their ranks. She has seen many changes in members, but at least in the Skyrim branch there was always a familiar face. Having another vampire to connect with, even with the physical age difference that was clearly noticeable, made losing those in the organization a little easier to deal with.

Now Agana is a permanent member of the Dark Brotherhood branch in Skyrim. The recent divide of the land really hasn't affected her. If anything it only brought in more jobs for her faction. She hasn't chosen if she would support the Imperials or Stormcloaks, and if she were to have her way she'd stay out of it. However with the threat of dragons it has lead her to learning as much as she can about the ancient creatures. Risking leaving the Sanctuary in search of knowledge, even coming out in daylight when she shouldn't for her own safety, she is determined to sate her curiosity.
Title Application: Listener of the Dark Brotherhood
Other: Agana is considered a Nightblade, using magic for assassinations. However she is also a Necromancer, using undead to aid her in battle if she is caught and outnumbered.
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