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Default Re: Adventures in Skyrim [SU/DS]

I want to reluctantly apply because I love TES, but this is my first ever RP...

Ahem... Er... Character, yes!

Name: Asden

Race: Nord-Imperial

Sub-Race: None.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Asden is a young, slim, and about 180-181 centimeters tall. He has short brown hair and cyan-colored eyes as a result of his heredity. Asden remains loyal to the Imperial cause, and thus wears salvaged Imperial light armor.

Skills: Sneak, Thief, Lock Picking, Speech, Archery, Light Armor

Inventory: Leather Hood (+Sneaking), Steel Imperial Chainbody, Steel Plated Gauntlets, Steel-toed Leather Boots, Leather Leggings, Fabric Tunic, Imperial Longbow, Two Steel Daggers, (Mother's) Wedding Ring.

Eligible Dragonborn: No.

Hometown: Bruma, Cyrodiil

Factions: Thieves Guild, Empire (adventurer)

Title Application: None (currently).

Personality: Asden is inquisitive and curious, which often results in an argument with the elderly in Tamriel, since he is often looking forward to the possibilities of the future. He views violence as a last resort, and often relies on his speech skills to evade undesirable situations. He is also part of a small progressive movement within the Imperial City, which supports the abandonment of worship of both the Daedra and the Divines, viewing them as a dividing factor, rather than a unifying one.

History: Born in Bruma, a city full of Nordic culture, Asden's mother was Nordic and his father was an Imperial. Both his parents died during a small Nordic riot concerning Skyrim's independence from the Empire. Both were in support of the Empire. Being only eleven at the time of his parents' death, he then applied for the Thieves Guild there. Seven years afterwards he was chased out after the Nords discovered his thievery, where he then decided to head to the Imperial City. Mesmerized by the rhetoric of the progressive movement there with talk of a fully unified Tamriel, the travel there motivated him to support the Empire even more.

Despite being fiercely loyal to the Empire, Asden is fully aware of the faults of the institution and is not afraid to acknowledge its downfalls. Many Nords consider him a traitor for supporting the Imperial cause, but he still continues to travel throughout Cyrodiil and Skyrim, searching for the ultimate unifying factor for all of Tamriel.

Other: In Burma, Asden was renowned for his accuracy and precision with the bow, which is uncommon among those with Nordic blood. He also refuses to worship any of the Aedra, claiming that if they were worthy of worship they would be able to do more than simply guide us. He remains skeptical of Daedra worshipers as well, believing that it is impossible to please creatures from Oblivion.

Now, if you guys don't mind, I am gonna go eat serm lurnch.
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