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Updated October 5th, 2007 (Because it needed some love.)

NAME: Sceptile Frost / Arcanine Royale (SPPf) / Ranger O’Brien (PokeCommunity) / Professor Rock (BMGf) / Frost X (NaNo Forums)

AGE: 14

Tips and Tricks to Writing

This is one of the most important things. Lady Inspiration comes rarely, and usually only after you've begun to write. Not only that, but you're only a writer if you write... If you dream and say 'someday I'll write an ultra-popular fan fiction like Neo Pikachu or Saber'. You'll never get anywhere.

Patience is a virtue. So too can this be applied to fan fiction. Don't post a chapter the same day you've written it. Revise it, edit it, polish it, then wait. At least a week you must wait. Then, looking at it again, you will find all sorts of mistakes you'd have never seen before. If you don't believe me, go look at a couple-three year-old piece that you once thought was the greatest thing since a bread slicer. You'll see what I mean. Distancing yourself from your writing gives you a view more like a reader sees - you'll not understand things because you didn't describe enough, and dialog might not make sense.

Reviewers review for a reason. They see a problem (at least good reviewers do) and want to see it corrected. (Of course, they also want to compliment you (or flame you if its junk) on a job well done.) Listen to what they say, and if you don't like it, well... Remember that, after all, you are the writer and they aren't. But listen to them, especially if they have more experience, and even more especially on grammatical and similar mechanical advice. Mechanics is a wild beast that everyone hates, but nonetheless must tame. I personally know the wild ride she gives, and reviewers will always be helpful. Always.

Outlining your piece honest to goodness helps. If you know where the plot and characters are going, it makes it easier to write. And, also, you can deviate. Its a lot easier to deviate from a plan you had to make it better than it is to change a plot you haven't made.

The same can be said with character basics - knowing what he looks like, how he acts, and who he will become are all important, at least in a general sort of way, when you begin writing.

Have at least a general idea of your ending when you begin. It helps, and gives you a goal you can see. That said, also be prepared to change it as the story progresses. The ending is often the goal you put out to write - you know what will happen in a faint, general sense, but you don't know what will actually happen.

Short Stories

Ash's Tears
A one-shot.
Genre: Dark / Anime Characters (very OOC and a lot older, but still there)
Length: A one-shot | Rather short at that.
Status: Complete
Rating: PG-13 [Suicide | Homicide | Alchohol]
Related Works: I might write a prequel detailing why Ash did what he did in the one-shot, but it's all up in the air as of now.
Synopsis: It's really emotional - Ash is sad over Misty dying, and Gary comes in and tries to apologize for the sixteenth time. Let's just say it isn't a good ending for either of them. Has to be the darkest thing I've written.
History / Origins: I wrote it late at night (actually it was early morning), when I was listening to a rock station, and that was after I listened to a song that I thought would make a good Draco x Hermoine songfic, and I was writing a different fic (yeah, I write at midnight, whatever), so I was in a writing mood. And then it just came out.

A one-shot.
Genre: Generic
Length: A one-shot | Rather short at that.
Status: Complete
Rating: PG-13 (Suicide Attempt)
Related Works: Not really. I was going to make a series of one-shots about trainers, and I might still, but none will be specifically related to this one, I don't think, though someday I might pen how Derek made it through Victory Road, or didn't.
Synopsis: So this guy is approaching Victory Road, and he's in the pokemon center, and this girl tells him 'What can we do but move on?'. And then he tries an alternative. It's rather lighter than Ash's Tears.
History: I sort of just wrote it, which I usually happen to do with most one-shots. Actually, it was inspired by playing Emerald (it might have been Ruby or Sapphire, not sure anymore) and going towards Victory Road at the Pokémon Center. And, you know how that girl always says "what can we do but push on?". Well, I thought 'there is another option.'

Works in Progress

Genre: Journey (Elements of action, romance, and sf/fantasy later on.)
Length: 70 Chapters, about.
Status: A few chapters of a rewrite are done, but I'll probably scrap that for NaNoWriMo in November.
Rating: PG-13 (Violence, Swearing, Eventually sexual references, though it's really PG tops for swearing in the first thirty-so chapters.)
Related Works: The many-lurking revisions are all past forms... Otherwise, if you remember the other pov's from the most recent revision, those will probably end up in seperate stories. A lot of ideas have been mined, time is the thing that will count. (I.e. if I ever have time to write it before pokemon dies (and it will eventually, as sad as that makes me)). Many spin-offs are anticipated. "The Death of the Phoenix" is an example.
Synopsis: A journey begins, three children of aristocracy setting off. Lessons learned, secrets unveiled, gifts shared… And a mutation that threads off through the folds of time, placing two at points where evil and good can be easily chosen.
History: Unfortunately, I love this idea so much that I feel I have to make it perfect if I want to finish it. I’m hoping to get rid of that feeling by getting most, if not all of it, down in November during NaNoWriMo. But the revisions are many…

The Death of the Phoneix
Genre: Action
Length: One-shot. (5000 - 10000 words)
Status: Began. Will be posted December 20 with a preview of Genesis.
Rating: PG-13ish.
Related Works: Genesis. (Eventually a few others)

Sceptile Frost / Arcanine Royale / [insert name here]

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