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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 6

Route 32 was a beautiful valley that funneled down to Union cave in the south. Kevin gazed up at the tall peaks wondering what was up there. He strolled happily down the track, surrounded by grassy fields and rolling hills. It had been about a week now since he had left his home in New Bark and he had already earned one of the eight badges he needed to get into the Johto League Championship. His thoughts were interrupted by a rustle in the grass. He leaned closer to have a look and saw a little green pokemon with a yellow flower on its head. He got out his pokedex:
<Skiploom><Cottonweed Pokemon>

<The evolved form of Hoppip, this grass/flying pokemon spreads its petals to absorb the sunlight and it floats in the air to get closer to the sun itself>

"OK Pichu! I choose you!" sad Kevin. Pichu hopped down from Kevinís shoulder and eyed its opponent.

"Pichu use a thundershock!" Pichu blasted a electric shock at the skiploom who jumped off the ground avoiding the shock. It floated up and over the Pichu and used a poison powder attack. Pichu scampered out of the way and tried another thundershock. This one was a direct hit.

"Pokeball Go!" and Kevin threw the pokeball. Skiploom was sucked inside. It fell to the ground and rocked again and again and again....

Ping! The pokeball locked.

"Yes! We did it!" said Kevin happily and ran over and picked up the now occupied pokeball. All of a sudden there was a loud grumble from Pichus stomach.

"About time for a bite to eat, hey Pichu?!" Asked Kevin smiling. Pichu nodded and laughed bashfully.

"OK come on out every one!" said Kevin and he threw 3 pokeballs. From inside came Pidgey, feathers shining; Totodile its sharp teeth glistening in the sun and lastly the newly acquired Skiploom. They all sat down and had lunch and then Kevin returned all his pokemon and set off again.

The sun was now heading down below the horizon and the last rays of golden sunshine spread out across the valley casting long black shadows everywhere. Kevin unrolled his sleeping bag and fell asleep.

The next morning he was awoken by a strange buzzing sound and Pichu poking him, looking worried about something. He got up and quickly put everything away all the while the noise getting louder. All of a sudden he could see coming up the hill, a swarm of bug pokemon, long stingers shining in the early morning light. They didnít look too happy.

"Are those Beedrills?" he said nervously, checking his pokedex.

<Beedrill> <Poison Bee Pokemon>

<The evolved form of Kakuna, this bug pokemon uses its three stingers to poison its prey. Beedrills are very protective of their territory and will attack in swarms>

"I think we better run!" said Kevin and Pichu nodded and scrambled up behind his head. Kevin slowly turned and, taking one last glimpse at the beedrills, ran. He sprinted down the hill as fast as he could the Beedrills slowly gaining. Leaping over fallen trees and skidding down the hillside trying to outrun them but they were too fast. Their stingers flashed in the sunlight.

"I have to think of something!" he said to himself desperately. "I know! Go Skiploom!" and he turned and threw the pokeball. It sprung open revealing the flower pokemon.

"Skiploom, use your sleep powder!" Skiploom floated up and above the beedrill, who were only 10 feet away, and dropped sparkling blue powder on top of the bug pokemon. They slowly closed their eyes and dropped to the ground one by one.

"Yeah we did it!" yelled Kevin stopping to catch his breath.

"Thatís one fine Skiploom ya got there!" said a voice. Kevin turned to see a boy, about 11, who was chewing on a stalk of grass. His wide brim straw hat cast his face in partial shadow and an oddish was sitting on his shoulder.

"Thanks!" said Kevin.

"Hey arenít you the son of the dragon trainer?"

"Yeah thats me!" said Kevin. "My name is Kevin!"

"Sorry, like I was saying, thats a good Skiploom. Iím a grass pokemon trainer and I specialize in training grass pokemon to be the best they can be. How about I trade you my Chikorita I just caught for it?" he asked. "Iíll show you! Come on out Chikorita!"

The boy casually threw the pokeball and out came a little pokemon with a leaf on its head and its red eyes stood out against its green skin. Kevin got out his pokedex.

<Chikorita><The Leaf Pokemon>

<The sweet smelling leaf that grows from its head can be used for the devastating Razor Leaf attack. This particular specimen is from the Violet Valley area where the more tougher and aggressive Chikoritas live>

"Cool!" said Kevin. "But why donít you want your Chikorita?"

"Iíve already got 3" said the boy.

"Then why did you catch it in the first place?"

"I catch any pokemon I see and ask all the pokemon trainers who pass this way if they want to trade for their grass pokemon. Traded pokemon grow faster so they are easier to train" explained the trainer.

"That makes sense" said Kevin nodding. "Well how do I trade?"

"Come with me" said the boy and they walked down the hill and Kevin could see a cave in the distance. Next to the cave was a little pokemon center. The boy led Kevin inside and over to a machine.

"Itís a trading machine" explained the boy. "I just put my pokemon here" he placed the pokeball containing Chikorita in a slot, "and you put your pokemon there" and Kevin placed Skiploomís pokeball into another slot.

"Now I just press this button and the trade begins" and he pushed a red button. The pokeballs were sucked up into a tube and into the machine. The silhouettes of the two pokemon crossed eachother on the screen and the fell down into the opposite slots that they began in.

"And the trade is complete! Thanks!" said the trainer and he shook Kevinís hand and walked out of the center. Kevin clipped his new Chikoritaís pokeball onto his belt and walked out of the center towards the entrance of Union Cave.

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