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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 8- Pinkan Island

"This is just great Shawn" Nick yelled, complaining once again.

"I didnít know we were going to get whirled around by giant whirlpools!" Shawn screamed back.

"I knew I shouldnít of fell asleep with you driving!" Nick kept nagging about Shawn and his driving.

Nick, Shawn, and Shadow walked around on the narrow beaches of an abandoned island. There were huge, gigantic whirlpools that surrounded the small island. Cliffs rose around the outside of the island which were around 50 feet high.

"Any idea on where we are?" Nick said once his temper was lowered.

He looked up to see Shawn climbing the cliffs. He had reached the top! Nick started to climb with Shadow holding on to him. It took a little while for Nick to get up there.

"Why are we climbing cliffs when we should be figuring out a way to get the hole in the boat fixed?" Nick started the arguing back up... again.

"Quite" whispered Shawn as he looked threw his binoculars.

"Awesome, an Officer Jenny!" whispered Nick, looking into the distance.

"Nevermind Jenny, look what pokemon she is feeding" Shawn said with an unusual amazement.

A big Pidgeotto was eating food out of Jenny's hand. However, this Pidgeotto looked different though.

"That Pidgeotto is pink" Shawn noticed.

The Pidgeotto was almost all pink, very odd since their original color was a tanish and brown color. .

Nick walked towards Jenny and the pink Pidgeotto. Shawn tried to grab Nick before he got away but was to late. Nick ran over to Jenny and grabbed her hand.

"My fair Officer Jenny, how would you like to date?" Nick asked kindly.

"HUH?!" she blurted out.

"I'm sorry, your gonna have to excuse my friend" Shawn said running over and grabbing Nick off of Jenny.

"Why arenít you guys at the station?" Jenny asked.

"What station.. and how is there a pink Pidgeotto standing next to me?" Shawn wondered.

"Are you two here for the contest?" Jenny questioned.

"No, we had a boat wreck and somehow landed on this island. What contest you talking about?" Nick asked, getting tired of all the questions going around.

"Oh that explains it all! We are having a once in a lifetime chance to capture the shiny pokemon that live on this island" Jenny explained, making it a little bit clearer.

"Say what?" Nick and Shawn both said really loud at the same time.

"Maybe I should explain this all really quick," Jenny said as Nick and Shawn looked at her in confusment, "See this island is inhabited with pokemon that are pink in color. This is because of the berries they eat. They turn the pokemons pink. We donít allow trainers to catch these pokemon that live here but this island is getting filled with to many pokemon so there is a contest for who gets the best pokemon here. The winners will get to keep the pokemon and get a Kings Rock".

"Wow! Thatís totally awesome. Can we join?" Nick asked, excited about this contest.

"Yeah sure, the contest is beginning in 30 minutes so you better hurry up and sign in. I'll take you to the station in my jeep" she offered.

The three heros jumped into Jenny's jeep and they left for the station. There was a lot of different pokemon trainers there. "The name is Nick Dunbar from Valencia Island and I will be using my Umbreon" said Nick, signing in.

A shot fired off and the contest began. Nick along with Shadow walked thru the thick brush that covered the island. They saw a pink Rhyhorn and a pink Totodile.

"Be on the lookout Shadow" Nick proposed.

They walked until the path was blocked from a huge pink Nidoking.

"Lets go Shadow" Nick yelled, thinking this could be the one.

Shadow jumped out in front and used Swift. The shooting stars hit Nidoking right on. Nidoking rolled over on its other side. Nick walked up to it and kicked it. It didnít move an inch. Shadow used a furious Tackle attack. Nidoking woke up. It roared and then rose to its feet. "Itís about time sleepy head" Nick yelled rudely. Nidoking took off after Nick and Shadow.

"Oh crap! RUN!" screamed Nick. They ran as fast as a Rapidash!
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