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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 29
Cold Underground

There was barely any light in that room. Everything was completely metal, and the only other thing in the room was a metal elevator. It certainly wasn’t anything fancy. The door was comprised of three metal beams with caution tape and several black grates. I had made my way over to the control panel and pressed the button to call the elevator. I didn’t know why but something was certainly making me feel sick at that moment. It just seemed too quiet around here.

Soon enough, we saw the metal elevator rise through the grates, and when it had arrived at the top floor, the metal beams had slid into the ceiling and floor while the grates had been pulled to the sides. Inside was a very dark metal elevator, lit by only a single, tiny light.

“How welcoming…” Randy commented as the elevator had arrived.

We had walked over to the elevator and stepped inside. Once we were all in, I pressed the black button on the side to head downward. Suddenly, the metal beams slid back down again, and the grates were pulled in front of us. Then, everything in front of us moved upward and the elevator moved downward.

It felt like we had descended nearly a mile underground before we finally arrived at the bottom floor. Similar to the floor above, sliding metal beams made up the door. Once the beams and grates had been moved aside, we peered into another dark room, this time completely made of concrete. We had stepped out of the elevator, and looked around.

“Since there are two silo doors, there has to be two missiles.” Rackal had told us, “We need to place two explosive charges on the missiles themselves, as well as any fuel rooms we find.”

Suddenly, we heard a noise in the distance. We turned around and looked down a long concrete hallway, with a Nuzleaf and a Machoke starting right at us with weapons drawn. They both glared at us.

“Silver Rebellion…” The Nuzleaf hissed at us, “I think the four of you fools just stepped a little too far into our hole.”
“Drop your weapons!” The Machoke shouted angrily in a low voice as he pointed his extra-large Vulcan rifle right at us, “Or you’ll find another way to kiss the floor!!”
“I’ve got a better idea.” Vice smiled with an insidious grin, “How about you get out of our way, and we might just spare your lives!”

The Machoke growled at us, pointing the huge Vulcan rifle right at Vice. Meanwhile, the Nuzleaf was armed with what looked like a smaller machine pistol, almost like an Uzi. Both of them looked at Vice with contempt.

“I hope you’ve enjoyed your life here, you worthless, little Sneasel.” The Nuzleaf hissed with amusement, “Because you enter hell today!!”

And then, they opened fire on Vice. I felt for sure he was going to be killed unless I took action now. I had to concentrate, this time very hard, focusing on Vice and well as Rackal, Randy, and myself. Suddenly, everything around us slowed to a crawl. The incoming bullets had very slowly approached Vice, and he moved back. Somehow, my focus was affecting him as well.

I had stormed my way toward the Machoke and the Nuzleaf, with my cheeks flaring with electricity. Vice had realized we were still moving normal speed, while they were slowed down. Vice had avoided the bullets rather easily, leaped toward the Nuzleaf, and slashed viciously at his face. Meanwhile, I had jumped toward the Machoke, latched on to his chest, and released all of my stored electricity all directed into Machoke’s chest. His body began to twitch and convulse with throbbing pain, just before he slowly collapsed to the ground, almost like he had drowned underwater, and was sinking to the bottom of the sea. When Machoke had completely collapsed to the ground, I had gotten off of him and turned to see Vice, cutting Nuzleaf into shreds. By now, Nuzleaf was long gone…

I had stopped my concentration, and everything returned to normal speed. Meanwhile, Vice had looked toward me, and the looked around him.

“Boy, that was fun.” Vice replied, crossing his arms with his soiled claws sticking out, “But, what the hell happened to them?”
“Yeah, I know.” Rackal replied, looking around everywhere, “It’s like they were moving in slow motion…”

And then, Randy had stepped forward. He was the only one besides me who knew of that ability I had.

“It’s Juno that did that.” Randy told them, “It’s when everything around you moves only a tenth of its normal speeds. But in truth, it’s you that is moving ten times faster than everything else…”
“That was…” Vice said in wonder as he turned toward me, “You were the one who did that?”

I didn’t say anything. I just looked into Vice’s eyes, and I let my expression tell him.

“You really are the Gold Rider…” Rackal said to me in amazement, “The strongest soldier ever to enter the Silver Rebellion’s ranks.”
“Come on.” I told them, “Let’s just do our job and get out of here, before anyone else sees us…”

They had agreed, and we had made our way down the dark, concrete tunnels. Once we had arrived at a metal, steel security door, we pressed a button on the side and the door opened. We had come to a small control room. There were computer consoles everywhere, as well as two glass windows on the left and right. When I looked through the windows, I could see both missiles, still docked in the silo. But I didn’t see any way Rackal could attach an explosive to the missile itself.

“Ho boy…” Rackal said as he looked around, “This isn’t the system that I thought it was…”
“What does that mean?” Randy asked, looking up at Rackal.
“It means we’re going to have to destroy these missiles some other way…”

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