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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 9- Element Doesnít Matter

"That island looks like a good place to rest" Nick pointed out. The boat swerved towards a small island. Nick and Company were going to take a lunch break there. They were only a day away from competing for Nick's 2nd Orange Islands badge.

Nick took off his shoes and his t-shirt. Now just wearing his rolled up jeans, barefooted, gray tucked in undershirt, and hat backwards, he ran down the edge of the water on the beautiful beach. Cyndaquil ran beside him, being the only one of his pokemonís that wanted to come.

Shadow and Squirtle thought it would be a nice day to relax and crash so they stayed with Shawn to fix up lunch.

"Good exercise huh Cyndaquil?" Nick laughed, out of breath from their running, mad that his other pokemonís didnít tag along.

Cyndaquil laughed in his own little way.

"Hiya! Gotcha!!!" screamed a weird girl.

Nickís attention darted over the yelling girl and so he walked over to a girl who was fishing off the shore.

"What are you doin?" asked the nosey Nick.

"Ah man, just another Tentacool" she said depressingly. She took the Tentacool off the hook and threw it back into the water.

"HELLO THERE!" screamed Nick, wanting some attention.

"Oh hi there, who are you?" wondered the girl, just now noticing Nick.

"I'm Nick, a Pokemon trainer. What are you doin?" he asked again.

"Oh Hi, I'm Trinity. A Water Pokemon trainer. I'm just fishing for some new pokemons to capture. You wanna battle?" she challenged Nick. This was bells to his ears.

"Sure, I'm always up for a good battle" Nick said with confidence in myself.

"Ok but this isnít going to be easy" Trinity gave off more confidence then Nick.

Trinity put down her fishing rod and grabbed a pokeball. She threw it, releasing a Vaporeon.

"Thatís a cool pokemon.. alright Shadow..." Nick paused for a second. He thought about it and remembered he only had Cyndaquil with him.

"Guess your gonna have to battle" Nick said sadly, remembering about the disadvantage fire has against water.

Cyndaquil jumped out in front and fired up its flame on its back.

"Thatís pathetic! This might not even be worth battling" Trinity smirk, raising the anger within Nick.

"Hey, take that back!" Nick said getting mad at her.. until he looked at her. He look at her small tight blue jean shorts and her red tank top. Trinity's redish hair floated in the wind. He thought of how hot she was.

"Please, my water type pokemon can crush any fire type" she laughed.

All the sudden that desire he had felt for her went away.

"Element doesnít matter! You must be a fool to think that element determines a battle" Nick thought he was doing a good job preaching.

Vaporeon jumped at Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil used Agility and moved to the side, dodging the attack from Vaporeon. "Cyndaquil use Swift" ordered Nick.. The flying stunning stars soared out of Cyndaquilís long mouth and direct at Vaporeon. The attack had hit Vaporeon right on! Vaporeon took the damage and then tackled Cyndaquil into the ground. Cyndaquil jumped up.

"Vaporeon use Water Gun" screamed Trinity. Cyndaquil jumped out of the way as a long jet of water came towards it. Cyndaquil got the order from Nick and used Ember. The long line of fire spread across the beach sand. Vaporeon jumped away from this attack just in time. "Cyndaquil use Smokescreen" yelled Nick. Black thick smoke covered the small area on the beach as it poured out of the nozzled mouth from Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil focused through the smoke and figured Vaporeonís position. Cyndaquil used its speed and used Head-butt on Vaporeon. Their heads collided and a loud crack rang thru their heads. "Cyndaquil use Swift again" Nick demanded. This time failing the Swift attack was to slow and failed to hit Vaporeon.

"Vaporeon use Quick Attack" Trinity said. The fastness of Vaporeon stunned Cyndaquil. Left..Right.. Left..Left.. Right, it was to fast to keep up with. Vaporeon ended up coming from the right side, hitting Cyndaquil with all its might. Cyndaquil almost couldnít get up. With the little strength still left and the right amount of determination, Cyndaquil climbed back up to its little feets.

"Vaporeon end it with Water Gun" Trinity made it seem like this would be the deciding battle. Cyndaquil jumped out of the way and used one more Smokescreen. The black smoke hid Cyndaquil from Vaporeon's sight. Then Cyndaquil let out a heat dazzling Flamethrower. The big huge fire blast zoomed thru the smoke right to Vaporeon. The blast was just to big to dodge and Vaporeon took the hit. The fire cleared along with the smoke, showing Vaporeon fainted.

"Alright Cyndaquil! Thatís how you do it, see Trinity.. its not always about element but style, skill, and how will its trainer and the pokemon are together" Nick showed off.

"You have taught me a lot today. Thank you" she kindly thanked Nick.

"Anytime babe, huh.................. think I could like maybe get a number?" Nick said without a bit of shyness.

Trinity sighed.


"Were back guys!" Nick yelled.

Shadow, Squirtle, and Shawn's Houndour were eating lunch. Cyndaquil joined them.

"Whats the matter?" Nick asked Shawn who had a puzzled look on his face. Shawn was holding a bundle of papers and a little graph thing.

"I'm not sure, my PokeGraph has been picking up weird signals from the water. Some kind of pokemon or drilling might of made these marks. If it was a pokemon then it must be a really strong one" he said with a weary voice.

"Um.. Sounds pretty weird to me, come on lets eat some grub" Nick pigged out on the food.

Shawn didnít eat, instead he studied the papers.

After lunch they headed out for the next island, which held the 2nd Orange Islands Gym!
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